1. avatar Pete
    Anyone know where we can get our grubby mits on some old analogue synths and keyboards. We're also after and old Fender Rhodes and maybe a hammond of some sort to replace our battered and abused X5.

    I realise there is probably no one over here but if you could recommend any websites it would be muchly appreciated. Edited by: morphsville at: 9/17/02 2:50:26 pm
  2. avatar zebulon
    You'd probably get some salient info by skipping over to the Feline Dream board: [url][/url]

    Feline1 used to post here very, very, very frequently, and he has bought or participated in purchasing many analog units, including a Rhodes, I believe.
  3. avatar feline1
    [url]http://www.vemia.co.uk[/url] (pleasing biannual auction)
    [url]http://www.musiccontrol.co.uk[/url] (expensive but ewe pay for peace of mind)
    [url]http://www.sospubs.co.uk[/url] (Reader's Ads)
    [url]http://www.ebay.co.uk[/url] (careful now!)
    [url]http://www.emismusic.co.uk[/url] (big Bristol synth shop)

    However I would think seriously about buying *new*
    analogue synths, rather than "vintage" ones,
    as new ones are more reliable, have guarentees,
    sound better due to 50 years of improvements in electronics
    & research into what's useful.
    Also Wiard, Blacet, Technosaurus and many many others....
  4. avatar Pete
    Cheers, I shall be checking all that out. We would love to buy some new stuff, the reliablity thing is a big issue if we're gonna be touring I suppose. But andy is somehow fixated with old keyboards...

    As for the troublesome Hammond, it turns out it may have been innocent all along as Frankie McClay (Einstein Studios) appears to have traced the problem to our leslie rather than the organ itself. Slightly easier fixed then (hopefully).

    By the way, we would be interested in those transcendant schematics if you have them, you will be monetarily rewarded of course
    We may even throw in a free CD!!
  5. avatar EPK
    Just watch the Leslie..those things are extremely dangerous to tinker with, and can kill ye dead. Most around are fairly old with substantial patch-up jobs that are mighty dangerous.
  6. avatar Pete
    ours has been tampered with before. Thankfully Richard our guitarist and Paul our roadie/tech are electronics engineers by trade

    But I'll pass on the warning anyway, every little helps. We've been planning on replacing the bass speakers for a while anyway so now might be an oppurtune time to do it...
  7. avatar feline1
    Aye, certain older models of Leslie have 400 volts or sthg on
    some of the pins of the connector!!!!!

    One of the most mentally designed pieces of electronics ever.
    Can kill ewe and ewer equipment!

    I was reading about this on the web the other day
    (or was it in Sound on Sound....?)

    Mr Morphville,
    I forget what price I quoted ewe (!?)
    for photocopying the transcendent contruction / calibration notes, but yeah I mean if ewe wanna do that, just send me a cheque and I'll have ewe the stuff back in a week, I'd hope.
    Do ewe have my postal address? Email me if ewe need it....