1. avatar nickhealy
    does anyone know how i (equipped with an epi les paul) would get their (black sabbath) sound?
    a nice example is their song paranoid

  2. avatar Niall Harden
    i'll tell you in the equipment forum.
  3. avatar Vikesha Stanislaus
    First off, you need a valve amp turned up full, preferably laney as this is what tony uses.
    Then, for extra gain, you need something thats gonna boost the mids like a dallas rangemaster, which is what tony used.
    You can also get this effect with an EQ pedal such.
    It sounds like there is a touch of fuzz on that track, but its probably the mids, tuning and the sheer volume of the amps.

    Have you heard the version of paranoid by vince neill on the ozzy tribute album - bathead soup?
    Feckin class
  4. avatar EPK
    Don't forget to slice off the tops of your fingers and use leather pads for that "authentic" fingering style.
    And always dress in black.
  5. avatar philipyakuza
    [url="http://www.guitargeek.com"]www.guitargeek.com[/url] gives Tony's set up in both the savantees and today.
  6. avatar Vikesha Stanislaus
    Wish I had of thought of that one!
  7. avatar feline1
    That's quite an interesting site,
    although sadly pretty much the only entries are
    for crap mettlers.
    I liked Johnny Ramone's entry though :-)
  8. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Okay, here's the secret to Tony's sound: grow a big moustache.