1. avatar Pete
    Right, I got all light headed when my wages came in this week and after an impulse trip into Marcus Music for some bass strings I ended up walking out with an acoustic bass

    Its a Takamine G-Series (EG512C), not fantastic but a handy practice/writing tool and a decent sounding preamp so no need to haul the huge amp down to acoustic gigs.

    anyway, I digress. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a gig bag, or preferably hard case for it? I've checked most of the usual website suspects. Its huge and the only suggestion Marcus had was a cello case. I want to avoid having one made, but if I have to I will, so anyone know anyone local that will make cases??
  2. avatar EPK
    Check with Steve Moore. He's been dealing with guitar cases and flight cases recently, and may know somewhere.
  3. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Indeed, I might be able to help...

    RMG have all their flight cases custom made by Spider Engineering in England (www.spider-engineering.co.uk) and as luck would have it, they're opening a Belfast branch in January apparently.

    They recently shipped me the wrong case by accident (all sorted out quickly and professionally, I hasten to add!) and they arranged for a local flightcase company to pick it up... I didn't realise there was a local company making flightcases, but from what I remember, they were called something like Q-Flightcases and were based in Lisburn.

    So that may be of some help to you.

    Pricewise, a case for a guitar the size of my King-V (probably about the same length and width as your bass) costs around £120+vat, so you could expect to pay a little bit more than that...

  4. avatar EPK
    See....? Give him a biscuit.
  5. avatar Pete
    Cheers lads!!

    I seem to remember someone else mentioning a lisburn based company before. I was sort of expecting somewhere between £100 and £150, so hopefully it will all work out peachy!! I'll give 'em a shout.

    Thanks again