1. avatar Logansrunners
    it's on the way, apparently it is to guitars what the POD is to amplifiers

  2. avatar no coffee no workee
    you mean good, but not quite right yet?
  3. avatar EPK
    The Pod's still a bit brash at times. Seems to depend a bit on the guitar, as sometimes's it's fine, other times it needs a lot of tweaking and EQ to remove some nastyish mids.
    The Line 6 amps work a bit better,but don't record as well, which I've found strange.
  4. avatar no coffee no workee
    As an owner of a Bass POD, I've noticed that that the DI out is of really poor quality.
    I know they've time compensated that output to avoid phasing problems with the modelled output, but are all the Bass PODs like that or is it a fault with mine only?
  5. avatar Suki Monster
    The pod takes a lot of tweaking, you really need to sit with it and find a sound that works for you.But when u do u will love the little beastie.
  6. avatar EPK
    I'll give my BassPod DI a go...haven't used it yet.
  7. avatar Vikesha Stanislaus
    YOu can goto the line6 site and get settings for POD!!

  8. avatar EPK
    Yep....that you can, there's some interesting stuff there.
    Expanding on the above, my BassPOD DI is fine, without any delay or loss of quality.
  9. avatar Vikesha Stanislaus
    I was so close to buying a POD on saturday.
    It was either that or a boss gt6.
    However, the guy told me that the gt6 was a little trebbly and that put me off, plus the fact that i dont like boss pedals as a rule.
    I didnt get a pod either, i wanna get a line6 vetta combo, anyone give me any constructive comments about it?
  10. avatar no coffee no workee
    Howdy EPK

    What I meant was that the Bass POD is manufactured so the the DI o/p is delayed to be in phase with the modelled o/p. It takes a few extra milliseconds to process the modelled sound and so they delayed the DI o/p so as it would come out at exactly the same time.
    however it sounds real bad compared to plugging directly into the amp.
    Try plugging into the BPOD and linking the DI o/p into your bass amp, and compare this to just plugging into the amp.
    A good DI box will just have a resistor between the i/p and link and so cause very little drop in audio quality, whereas the BPOD causes severe muffling of tone and volume. Am I labouring the point here? It's just that the rest of the BPOD is so good and this puts restrictions on using it live.
    Or it could be my BPOD...
    Any suggestions? Anyone?