1. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    I'm about to buy an Ashdown blue combo/ bass magnifier. From everything I've read they seem to be the best value for money - I absolutely love the retro look as well.

    I'm interested in hearing from anybody who's used/played/destroyed any Ashdown amps.

    It seems that Adam Clayton endorses them, and allegedly John Entwhistle as well.
  2. avatar die the flu
    The bass rig in the Soundmill is an 800W Ashdown stack.

    To be honest I never really liked it that much, but I seemed to be in the minority.
    It certainly sounds quite nice but I found it pretty restrictive in terms of getting a wide range of sounds outta the thing.
    Dunno, maybe if I'd just spend more time fiddling with it I coulda got something I liked a bit more.
  3. avatar zebulon
    Yeah that rig sounded different almost everytime I used it, but spending time tweaking the settings gave a wide range of results.
    The sound was very sensitive to the newness of yer strings too...
    I'm not too keen on the actual tones, but that's more me trying to sound like Lemmy than anything else...
  4. avatar zebulon
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  5. avatar fatboy G
    i think the stack in the soundmill is class especially if you crank the sub harmonic knob. a good freind of mine had an ashdown but hes away touring with an ochestra with the russian ballet or something, git. oh he rated the amp an i respect his opinion.
  6. avatar EPK
    Great sounding amp, and very versatile.
    The sub harmonic is a great feature.
  7. avatar Pete
    The stack in soundmill is one of the MAG "budget" range of ashdowns, it sounds good but not fantastic, so don't judge the whole range. I wasn't impressed with the acoustics of the room in soundmill overall however.

    I have a Klystrom ABM 400w with 4x10" (+ horn) cab. I can say it is without doubt the best amp I have ever played through. I was going to buy a Trace Elliot but on a demo it kicked the Trace to the sidelines. I'm just about to buy an extension cab (2x10" and 1x15"!!!!)

    The sub octave is nice, I'm still trying to fit it into songs all the time, I've used it on a number of our funkier instrumental tracks.

    The only amps I've played that come close are the valve Ampegs (stay clear of the solid state) and the Hartke amps with their XL cab range. Gallien Kruger are meant to kick ass as well, but I've never had the pleasure.
  8. avatar EPK
    Wayne from Invinyl uses a Gallien Kruger, and it's very very good, especially with his bass, which is also a top notch Fender.
  9. avatar Niall Harden
    Steven from Go Commando also..
  10. avatar Pete
    Where'd they get them?? Never seen them in Belfast so my first guess would be Reas...

    My Ashdown sounded great with my Precision ('73 US) but then I got my Stingray and the poor Fender just sits on its stand all lonely now.

    I need a small (50-100w) combo for "acoustic" gigs and general
    practice. I was going to buy a pod purely for practice and then realised that was a bit extreme. Anyone know if GK do a combo in that sort of spec?? A kickback style wedge combo maybe?? I passed up on the chance of an SWR like that and am kicking myself now.
  11. avatar philipyakuza
    My first post!
    You can get Ashdowns in Bairds (York Street?)
    It's the only place I've seen 'em in Belfast.

    I've also used the one in the Soundmill and IMHO they're fukken fantastic, especially the sub-harmoniser.
  12. avatar no coffee no workee
    It really does depend on the sound you're after.
    Ampegs make great rock/metal bass amps cause they can get that really clanky sound that genre depends on.
    My personal favourite it the latest range of Peavy bass combos.
    No, really!
    I don't know what they're called but they have a 15" speaker, a valve/solid state blend section, a compressor that actually does what it should and the fattest, tightest bottom end I've heard outside of a SWR. They're almost square, black'n'furry and have silver fascias. Please take into account my experience is as a recording engineer so that's how I judge them.
    Ashdown preamps rock, but the amps I've miked seem to be very boomy on the bottom end (all or nothing sort of thing) but the sub thing is great and transfers well to a good mike.
    The new Marshalls are also fantastic for tight rock sounds.
  13. avatar Niall Harden
    i've only ever seen GK kickback combos...
    no idea where they got them tho..
  14. avatar EPK
    That's what wayne Invinyl has, but it's linked to a bottom GK cab as well.