1. avatar wyldscallions
    Perhaps this should be in the equipment section but I'll chance it anyway.

    Could anyone tell me which shops in and around Belfast stock which brand of cymbals? I know Matchett's and Marcus but nothing else.

    Also could anyone recommend a nice, bright, high-pitched hi-hat for me? Price shouldn't be a major problem. A nice one with a "chick" sound when closed as opposed to a "chuck" sound. No chuckies near my kit please.

    And finally, what was the hi-hat that was used in the fastfude gig last time? I remember thinking it sounded nice.

  2. avatar Camp XRay
    I used to get half price cymbals in summer sales. chicky hi hats, you can't beat the Zildjian A's or K's. but you need to go out and play every pair you can get your hands on till you find what you like. no one can tell you, really. also bear in mind that cast cymbals (hand made, ie not just cut out of a long sheet of metal) develop their sound the longer you play them, and each set is slightly different.

    with hi hats you can experiment with different top/bottom combinations. yeah. so basically, go forth, and experiment. Edited by: Camp XRay at: 8/8/02 7:57:58 pm
  3. avatar EPK
    If I remember right, those hihats were from Suki's drummer, who is shortly being turfed out and replaced by a drum machine anyway, as Mike and I discussed at the bar during Bandjax.
  4. avatar Suki Monster
    yeah we are replacing him as soon as we can find a bin to put him in. The hi hats were zyldigen (sp?)z series Edited by: Suki Monster at: 8/9/02 12:09:42 am
  5. avatar Camp XRay
    zildjian. my Z custom 18" rock crash is a fuckin monster, i'm gonna keep it till i (or it) dies/gets knicked/cracks.
  6. avatar Gavin McKay Fan
    I managed to break the hi-hat stand in Downpatrick at the ****/IdenGreen gig tonight.
    I maintain it was waiting to happen.
    Either that or I am RAWK GOD!
  7. avatar Blind Eye View
    go for Sabian Pro/Pro Sonix 13" Hi-Hats, should be about £100-£105 from Matchetts.

    [url]http://www.rockfactory.co.uk[/url] are great for cymbals, they usually have well over 200 in stock, cover all brands and its only about £10 to get them delivered, and they're usually a good bit cheaper than the local shops.
  8. avatar duf drebin
    My first post!
    I'd second on the Sabian Pro's! Quality cymbals!!
  9. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    I got mine in Matchetts for 80 sheets. I dunno what its name is, but i know its sabian and its gold-ish....

    The guy in the recording studio complimented me on its fine sound.

    I told him i always bring out the best in my equipement....
  10. avatar PocketPromise
    I'm selling two cymbals, sabian and paiste 16" near perfect condition, not decided price yet, but email if your interested!
  11. avatar fatboy G
    i rate and recomend, -from matchetts the 14"sabian AAX stage hi-hats, and the 14"HH bright(none in stock) i love my old AAX metal 14"
    the 13" zbts aint too bad. but any Zildjian A/custom K/kustom or Z customs are to go for. ive been waiting for the last month for the first shipment of Zildjians to arrive grrrr.

    marcus sell ziljian and istanbul
    session have some very old dusty ziljians
    belfast music supplies - ?
    bairds - N/A
  12. avatar Niall Harden
    belfast music supplies do Paiste
  13. avatar EPK
    And Riffmaster General's drummer Mark just got a Paiste endorsement, lucky bastid!!!!
  14. avatar fatboy G
    i second that!!!!
    paiste rawk! (most metrallers use paiste!)
  15. avatar Alan drummerguy
    A good place to get anything drum kit related (including lessons if you're interested in that) is Andrew Lavery's "Beats Drum Studio" which you can find online at [url]http://www.beatsdrumstudio.co.uk[/url]
  16. avatar Tim Rooney
    Yeah im waiting for a new set of cymbals to come directly from Zildjian. Gettin them for half price too! Just hope they come soon tho, oh yeah im gettin 14" A new-beat hi-hats quite clicky
  17. avatar willbaker
    Hi wyldscallions

    the heavier the cymbal the more volume, the bigger the diameter gets, the lower the sound is. The relationship between the two cymbals is important too, difference in weight etc.

    I own a pair of "12, "13, "14 and "15 inch hi-hats all zildjian's and each have their own character. The "15' K constaninople's are a little slower to react, and when played half open have a warm deep mushy sound and are loud!!

    The "12's special recording are lightnin quick, not so much volume but are very clean, i sometimes swap the top for an even thinner "12 splash when i am playing very quiet jazzier wall paper music.

    The "13 and "14 fall in the middle, i personally find the ones that are the most versatile are the "13 K's

    Much depends on your own preferences and playing style, some like to hit quite hard, if this is you you may want to consider something heavier in weight hence more durable.

    goodluck take your time

    and its usually better to buy once instead of upgrading every year, go for your dream cymbals man, wow

  18. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    [quote:295f14feb7]goodluck take your time[/quote:295f14feb7]

    5 years should be more than adequate! Etc :-D

    Anyway, "Cymbal" should always be spelt "Cymble" on a music forum.