1. avatar Andrew
    OK I need some advice. I wanna buy a bass distortion pedal for the DF's. We're looking for that nasty Motorhead/Discharge/Misfits sound. What should I buy?
  2. avatar Logansrunners
    I get a great sound from driving my preamp with the volume boost on the Marshall Bluesbreaker. I've heard good things about the Ibanez Bass OD pedal too, but the Boss Bass OD is about as dirty as Cliff Richard, so I'd avoid it.
  3. avatar we love records
    Sovtek / Electro Harmonix Big Muff

    Everyone uses it. Built like a tank. Silver NYC re-issues are apparently better than the black electro-harmonix ones though you can prob pick the black ones up pretty cheap.

    Try here... [url]http://www.watfordvalves.com[/url] very fast and efficient service.


  4. avatar Andrew
    Thanx guys. :)
  5. avatar DeeK25
    thought u wer a drummer!!!!!!!!

    im fine with my wee DOD tech 6 or 7 or 8 or 3 cant remember.
  6. avatar Andrew
    I am a drummer - and a singer!!

    However, the chances of my ridiculous bandmates buying their own gear is somewhere between nil and zero, so these matters tend to fall to me!!

    I'm gonna get one of these Big Muffs when I get the cash... The pedal shall remain property of The Dangerfields (i.e. me) regardless of who's playin' bass.
  7. avatar Pete
    The Big Muffs are great, but check out the ProCo RAT pedals as well, they're big an dirty and alot of guys use them. Then there is the SansAmp DI driver which doubles up as a good preamp for sending signals to the PA.

    If you can get your bass player to take and interest, try and get into somewhere like Bairds or Marcus and try the pedal models on the Bass POD or Bass POD Pro. It'll give an indication of what each sounds like before you send off somehere else to but it. I know it definitly models the Muff and the Rat and maybe the MXR and EBS ones too.

    Failing that, get a Ampeg SVT, 8x10" cab and turn the bitch to 11!!
  8. avatar Andrew
    Quote: If you can get your bass player to take and interest

    My bass player is Goatboy!! :lol

    Seriously though, thanx for the advice & recommendations - you've all been very helpful. I/we'll check out all yer suggestions and let ya know what we decide!! :)
  9. avatar Niall Harden
    ampeg svts with 8x10"s are for wusses.

    we're going bass pod the instant we can afford it.
    i think i'm in griswold's position re: bassists tho :-/
  10. avatar EPK
    I've the Sansamp DI pedal (the one with the DIP switches) which isn't bad at all for driving bass...it's possibly the one Morphsville's talking about, from about 1988 or so.
    The Bass Pod models are good,particularly the distortions, but again, I dunno about using it live, it's fiddly enough in the studio but extremely usable after a bit of fine tuning.
  11. avatar Pete
    I think we're talking about the same SansAmp, only they've reissued it in a shiny black, gigworthy floor box.

    I agree about using the bass POD live, you need a big amp and loads of speakers to get a great bass sound, I would argue that you can't properly model bass cabs. Amps and other effects yes, if you've got a good power amp it might be a viable solution.
    I have used it to record though, and it does a great job when you spend time setting it up.

    I would be tempted to buy the Bass POD pro as a writing, recording and practice tool (god bless the headphone output) but I have a good amp (Ashdown ABM400-410H) which I adore the sound of, so have no need for all the amp and cab models.

    I wonder if Line 6 have any plans to release a rackmount or pedal version of just the effects from the Bass POD, same way they have with the modelling stomp boxes for the guitar (which kick serious amounts of ass in my opinion, we have three in the band).
  12. avatar Niall Harden
    one of the issues in our wanting a bass pod is portability.
    to get a good bass sound, as you say, you need a lot of speakers, and in a biggish venue, about 300W as well.

    we've had such trouble getting a bassist that gareth and i bought a bass and amp and get people in to play them. there's no way we can afford to upgrade to a trace elliot or anything.
  13. avatar Pete
    I would go so far as to say that you really need 400W, thats what my ashdown is and its the first time I'm truly happy with my sound (having been through 200W Hartke, Trace and Laney). Its also a 4x10 (+horn) cab, which makes a big difference from the standard 15" you find in most bass combos.

    If using the POD live and you only have a small amp, my recommendation is to use the amp on stage as a monitor and generate the main bass sound by DIing into the PA

    I didn't think there was that much of a shortage on bassists that you have to buy them equipment.. I wonder would the rest of the band buy me that extension cab I'm after if I threatened to quit??
  14. avatar Niall Harden
    that's the plan,
    take a send from the desk or a line out or sthg from the Bod and send to the combo for onstage

  15. avatar we love records
    Ampeg SVT & Ampeg 8x10" Cabinet. Big Muff for Distortion and a little delay sampler for extra fun.

    Also, you must remember that valve amplifiers kick solid state amps into next week.

    So far my SVT head has not been above *2/2.5* in gig conditions (empire w/out monitors) and that's really really loud and drowns everything else out.

    Once we did turn the amp up at practice to about *4* just to see what it was like but the sound hurt all our ears so we stopped.

    Also, my SVT will run at 2 ohms which means that I could run 2 ampeg 8x10" cabinets.
    I think this is highly unnecessary as the one I have has never been pushed.

    Buy one, not two.

    They are also easy to transport with the addition of 2 handles.
    The wheels are great; we ran about 70 metres from the limelight to my car with it- down the middle of the road.
    It was easy.


  16. avatar Pete
    Quote: Also, my SVT will run at 2 ohms which means that I could run 2 ampeg 8x10" cabinets. I think this is highly unnecessary as the one I have has never been pushed

    You just haven't tried hard enough!!
  17. avatar Suki Monster
    Surely a 8x10 cabinet is massive?
  18. avatar Niall Harden
    it dwarfs alex.
    which looks funny.
  19. avatar we love records

    Even with the head on top of the cabinet I've got a slight edge over it... it only dwarfs me in width... and weights just shy of twice my weight.

    It is necessary.


  20. avatar no coffee no workee
    as mentioned elsewhere in ff, the di output from the Bass POD is sh:te as the POD delays the signal to make it phase coherent with the modelled output.
    On my BPOD this causes a sever muffling of the tone.
    So if you're gonna use it as a pa feed and then link into your onstage combo, beware!
    If you really want to help your tone/volume buy the SVT and a split cab if you can find it (1,1x15 & 1,4x10 boxes) for portability's sake.
    The Aphex Aural Exciter with Big Bottom, (real product, I kid you not!) helps add clarity and pushes more air from your speakers than you would think possible, making a 200W sound like a 400W.
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  21. avatar EPK
    Funnily enough, guess who has an Aphex C with Big Bottom Exciter for sale..:-)
    Meant to talk to you about this,Mik, but I've no problem from my Bass Pod DI which is absolutely fine, and without any delay...you may have a software glitch.
  22. avatar Pete
    I've also never had a problem with a Bass POD, though I don't own one, just used other peoples.

    How much you wanting for the Aphex C Eamonn??
  23. avatar EPK
    Gimme a mail, Morphsville....