1. avatar nickhealy

    looks, jaysus, its lovely and gets respect just for its pure outrageousness and its radical shape, design etc, and for what stands at $260 (£170?) is this a good buy????? i know feck all about the buckers and the other technical jibblets in this thing and was wondering if anyone knew if itd be worth buyin just for the sake of havin a nice cheap 'leccy guitar that looks mighty sweet

    even if it does sound bolox, i can fiddle with my fx unit, cant i?
  2. avatar exportsimsie
    dont buy it if ur planing to play soft stuff.. it'll just look out of place
  3. avatar nickhealy
    nah, i can make my other guitar do that, and it looks fine, i just want a cool lookin guitar, that i can go a bit crazy with if i do ever have to perform, looks the part and good for metal/rock solos and stuff
  4. avatar EPK
    That's about all you can use it for. Very high output pickups, and then the awkward bit. You'll need a case, which will probably cost nearly as much as the guitar.
    Otherwise you'll stab people with it.
  5. avatar edna welthorpe
    if you liked that, then you'll love these