1. avatar Suki Monster
    Right I want to buy a good keyboard but know nothing about them.What is the best all rounder keyboard at the moment? I need one with really good orchestra sounds.Help me.
  2. avatar EPK
    I need a money limit.
  3. avatar Suki Monster
    £1000 and no more.
  4. avatar no coffee no workee
    Triton LE.
  5. avatar EPK
    Or (probably)second hand Trinity...both excellent kit.
  6. avatar Suki Monster
    I dont really want to buy a triton as I have one I can use at will anyway.Would the trion or trinity be tha best for orchestra sounds then out of all the keyboards? I saw a Korg m1 in ads for free for £400 is it anygood or a bit dated? Edited by: Suki Monster at: 8/1/02 8:35:56 pm
  7. avatar zebulon
    £400 is a bit much for an M1, I think.
    Marcus were flogging 2nd hand ones for £600 5 years ago, and what's available is infinitely better VFM, I'd offer £200-£250 for it, on the strength of it's physical strength, decent keyboard, midi abilities and it's, er, classic M1 tones.

    And Mike, you suck horses' cocks.
  8. avatar Suki Monster
    yeah but I do it so well zebbers. Aye I thought £400 was a bit too expensive for an M1.Im even thinking of going down the virtual instrument route when I get my powerbook.
  9. avatar EPK
    If you've a MIDI keyboard already think about a rackmount module. I use umpteen virtual instruments, but none seem to be orchestrally based...mostly nice synthy sounds.