1. avatar Logansrunners
    I'd be interested to know if anyone else here is recording on their PC, so we can share stories of buggy software, clashing hardware and those bloody annoying crashes that always seem to come as you've just finished a prefect take.

    Anyway, I'm using a 1.4GHz athlon, 256MB, Terratec 24/96 soundcard and a load of fx plugins. My main sequencer is Sonar, and I use fruityloops for drums. If anyone else is doing it, I'd love to hear what you're using, what you find works best and if you'd still go into a 'real' studio to record a demo. Personally, I use the computer for my own side projects and recording ideas, I have got some great results out of it, but there's no way I could get a full band inc. drumkit into my bedroom, and then mix the whole thing down into a stereo input.
  2. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    I use a P3-933 320MB running Sonar for throwing down ideas... I more or less do complete songs, then give them to the rest of the guys in the band to rearrange, pull apart, desecrate etc...

    I use a nifty wee drum soundfont I cobbled together to do the drums, and POD for the guitars and bass... no vox, cause I can't sing...

    The setup works fine except for the timing drifting off after about a minute or so - you probably wouldn't notice it except in real tight rhythm guitar moments where you can definitely hear it go slightly awry. I get round it by recording in 1 minute chunks. Not ideal, but there ya go...

  3. avatar EPK
    I'm about to upgrade, but am currently using a P3 500 with 512 meg RAM and an EMU APS soundcard.
    I use Cubase, with CoolEdit Pro as a wave editor, and a lot of soft synths and samplers like Halion and the Native Instruments stuff.
    The PCs synchronised to an Alesis HD24 24 track hard disk recording system, which has just replaced my ADAT system, and the details of the equipment I have are on the Doghouse section of my website at [url]http://www.epkmusic.co.uk[/url]

    I record real drums at Manor park studio, by taking the Alesis gear there and using everything else as guides, then take the stuff back for overdubs and the real work.
    I've worked with a lot of bands currently on the scene.
  4. avatar Le Sac Magique
    I know you all have superior techniques and equipment, but for demos of simple little rock songs, i find that the punk diy and spend no money ethic is very productive for the price(zilch)
    Loop a pa to the pc thru the mic and speaker outs on the soundcard and record to sound recorder on windows and overdub a few times to record the songs and if you're recording noisier music it sounds quite nice.
    I'm going to get a good condenser mic tho, so the recordings should sound a bit (hopefully considerably for hte price of the mic) better!
  5. avatar EPK