1. avatar Craig
    Right i've had this guitar for sale a couple of times

    Simon And Patrick SHOWCASE MAHOGANY WOOD 6 - string acoustic guitar low action sounds beautiful. I did have a buyer for it but im not sure how serious the guy is now. I'll take £450 if someone can take it soon as i need the extra cash for a car im getting in two weeks
  2. avatar Craig
    PS Pls dont get these confused with the simon and patrick guitars on gak etc these are handmade by professionals. They are better than todays gold series avalons and slightly cheaper too. It comes with flight case
  3. avatar remainsofyouth
    how many times has this gutiar been on fastfude :lol: Its a nice piece of kit. Surprised that no body wants it
  4. avatar Craig
    well originally i guess people felt the price was too high. A mate was supposed to buy it but i think hes blew all his money on a skiing holiday. I had a buyer at one point on ebay but i cancelled on him for the mate.
  5. avatar unplugged
    indeed a nice guitar but i must point out as a Simon and Patrick owner there is no difference between the guitars on GAK and yours. They are handmade all of them in La Patrie in Quebec by the same company. Yours is maybe a higher end model.

    They are NOT made anywhere else. it wouldnt be fair to lead FF buyers into thinking they are getting a super S&P they are all made brilliantly but to different specs all though are excellent and handmade. Brilliant guitars i would say and well worth the money but it all depends on you much that money is doesnt it?

    just trying to help. Excellent guitars indeed. I rate mine better than taylor or avalon for tone. cedar top 12 string.
  6. avatar Craig

    that is not the guitar i have for sale.

    Mine is actually a showcase model. Cosmetically there is little difference the logo at on the neck doesnt say simon and patrick in stead it has the S&P model on it. Its like any other company, guitars made for different budgets e.g. silver series gold series etc

    This is a great guitar, some people may remember it from belfast guitar emporium.

    I need the sale asap
  7. avatar Craig

    thats the link to guitar on the website.
    The guitars being sold on GAK are all from the woodland range which is their lowest range
  8. avatar unplugged
    Craig is right. Even that range are good but the Showcase range is indeed the Daddy mac of the S&P collection.
  9. avatar swaman4
    hi craig, i am in the market for an acoustic and may be interested, could you pm me with your email and i would like to see some pictures etc as i would have to travel a long way to collect it if buying thanks
  10. avatar Craig
    hi my email address is flump89@hotmail.co.uk (sigh, regrets picking a stupid email address haha)

    ill give you a bita info about the guitar, i used to be very keen so it was a christmas present from the whole family. It was purchased from the emporium in belfast for £880 including the case. I live in holywood and you are welcome to come and play it. I have always kept it in the case, because drops in temperature or extreme changes is bad for the wood. When i leave the house for holidays it is always kept at my girlfriends to ensure the woods never too cold.

    i can email lots of pictures if you give me your email address
  11. avatar swaman4
    sent you an email, cheers
  12. avatar Craig
    emailed just checking you got it?
  13. avatar Craig
  14. avatar Steve
    Email on it's way
  15. avatar Craig