1. avatar Kellfire
    I have a pretty cheap Epi LP with a SD Distortion at the bridge but the output is very low. At Einstein Studios I had to switch to using the Gibson Custom that the studio owns because of this.

    Ive been told that it may be crappy pots or that the pickup was installed crapply. I know little/nothing about guitar maintenance but dont wanna talk it back to the shop in question (Trevor Keys in Ballymena) just to get shafted again.

    Any advice folks??

    Also, I want to add locking tuners and set it up with 10's as my 9's sound and feel too thin. Can anyone suggest some decent locking tuners at a nice low price??
  2. avatar Kellfire
    Hmz. Maybe not.
  3. avatar Logansrunners
    If you bought it recently, take it back to the shop and demand a replacement, they should be reasonable enough about it. If you've had it a while try and find a guitar tech (ask around in shops, or this forum) He'll check all the electronics, do any fixing that needs done and if you provide him with your new locking tuners and a set of strings he'll set the guitar up for you too - for a fee of course.
  4. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    The Seymour Duncan website has wiring diagrams for all pickup configurations. You can check this against your guitar and see if there's a problem. Should be easily fixed.

    As for the locking tuners, try some of the bigger shops in England (guitar shops here are useless)... Machine Head, Coda, Electromusic...

  5. avatar Suki Monster
    Make sure u go for schaller locking tuners and not sperzils as they break very easily. I think the schallers are about £60.
  6. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Real men use LSRs though.

  7. avatar no coffee no workee
    you shouldn't need lock nuts.
    I have an £80 rockwood les paul copy, and when I moved to 10-52 guage I just reset the intonation and it continues to stay in tune no probs. (unless yours has a wanky bar of course).
    Don't forget to wind the E,A and D strings on the right of the peg and the lighter strings on the left.
    This really helps it to stay in tune.
  8. avatar EPK
    Especially if you don't play it. I've found that playing it consistently puts it out of tune.
    If you want a guitar to stay in tune, it's best not to have a Fender Jaguar with light strings and a scrubbing playing style, that's what I say. That's always good as a starting point.
  9. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    No one mentioned lock nuts, by the way... lock nuts and locking tuners are totally different things...