1. avatar jackie rambo
    I got myself a second hand nashville tele about a month back and it seems to go out of tune very easily. :/

    Anybody got any advice on what the problem might be and how to resolve it?

    (It was in mint condition when i got it, not a scratch.)
  2. avatar Vikesha Stanislaus
    Try streching all the strings.
    Fret each of them in turn at the 12th fret and pull up on them gently with your right hand, also, when tuning up, always go below the pitch that you are tuning to, and tune up to it.
    I find it better to tune at the G first, then the B, then the high E, then the D, then the A, then the low E.
    It kinda puts an equal pressure on things if
    you can imagine it like that.

    Maybe the guitar has been sitting around for a while or is slightly damp or maybe too dry.
    It could be adjusting to its new surroundings.

    you, I had a guitar one and it never stayed in tune!
  3. avatar Gripper Magee
    Check that the screws in the machine heads are not too loose.
  4. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    If it's been sitting around for a while like Vik says, take the strings off and let it climatise for a couple of days.

    Then string it, stretch the strings, the retune and stretch until it sticks.
  5. avatar die the flu
    Are Teles not meant to be a bit wick for staying in tune at the best of times though?
  6. avatar retropunk
    or alternatively sell it to some poor old bugger for a rip-off price, or take it to the antique road show and say hitler made love to it.
  7. avatar Vikesha Stanislaus
    Nah, if the guitar is half decent, it should stay in tune.
    If anyone has heard Danny Gatton playing a tele or Roy Buchanan then you will realise what can be done with a tele!!
    Great guitar, though quite hard to play and very unforgiving, you really have to struggle with it to get it playing smoothly.

    Retropunk, I cant get back onto MSN, it wont let me log back on.
  8. avatar Suki Monster
    if none of those suggestions help you could trying adding a Lsr nut or getting locking machine heads, the schaller ones are very good and stop the strigs slipping extremely well.
  9. avatar ClayPeterFace
    throw it in a pond; if it floats, it's possessed; burn it, if it sinks, it was a good guitar... no hang on, that's something else.
  10. avatar fastfude
    also a wee bit of graphite on the nut helps.
    move the strings out of the grooves and wipe a pencil all over the shap til there's dust in the grooves.
    then go to the offy and buy lots of beer, or wine, either will suffice.
  11. avatar Rock Danger
    Ya know what, it's hard to see on teles but they are notorious for having corkscrew necks, i had a sweet luvly one and the neck twisted on it.. rendering it nothing short of trash.

    Phone bairds ask for jon ask for Jim Barr's number, the guys a genius and cheap, he does our stuff.
  12. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Are Teles not meant to be a bit wick?
  13. avatar That Man Fanjo
    Start an indie band, then it'll not matter how out of tune yer guitar is.

    Alternatively, there are these wee expensive things that y'can attach to the back of yer tuning pegs, which keep the strings bolted in place so they don't slip.
    Somebody already mentioned them.
  14. avatar EPK
    Teles are great rhythm guitars, with considerable bite that stands out in a mix, as long as you don't try to play lead on 'em.
    A set of 12s on them and they're chunky and do the business.
  15. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    I would love a Tele... decent one with some good pickups in it and I'd be laughing... Every time I see Status Quo it makes me wanna run out and buy one...

    Anyways, in answers to the tuning problems, it could be absolutely any number of things... badly cut nut, dodgy string trees, old and/or crap strings, dodgy neck, loose neck, dodgy bridge, dodgy tuners... my advice is to restring it, stretch the strings like fook, then go over it with a fine-tooth comb checking for anywhere the strings could be snagging and anything that's not as rock solid as it should be. Failing that, leave it in somewhere to get fixed.... I'll do it for a small fee.

  16. avatar Niall Harden
    yes but teles are the simplest a guitar can get.
    my jag goes out of tune the odd time and i'm buggered if i know why :-(
  17. avatar Suki Monster
    Teles are an amazing country guitar plus they look cool. :)
  18. avatar antojasper
    Try a standard strat!

    you have to learn how to alter your chord shapes to compensate for the tuning.

    And as for when you get the tremolo bar stuck under your strap!!!
  19. avatar Vikesha Stanislaus
    Telecasters are one of the most challenging guitars to play.
    They are very raw and you have to battle with them to get your own sound and touch to come through.

    Jimmy Page recorded most of houses of the holy album on a telecaster, the electric parts that is.
    Plus the Stairway To Heaven solo is played on a tele.

    But, if you wanna hear great telecaster playing, check out Roy Buchanan or Danny Gatton.
  20. avatar citizensnips
    Tele.... from thick to thin...... C sharp (Db), G sharp (Ab), C sharp (Db), F sharp (Gb), A sharp (Bb) and C sharp (Db)

    Strat.... from thick to thin..... C sharp (Db), G sharp (Ab), C sharp (Db), F sharp (Gb), G Sharp (Ab) and C sharp (Db)

    Check out the tunings at www.myspace.com/citizensnips

    Tele on all tracks apart from Icaros where the strat got a chance to shine
  21. avatar bonzo
    Most tuning problems usually come from dirt in the nut. As fastfude says clean it out and put the some dust from a pencil lead in. Be aware if you do use heavy strings the slots may not be cut wide enough and therefore stick.

    Many people have bought new machine heads only to find a bit of pencil lead would have done the trick.
  22. avatar thecomeons_2
    did you try changing your brand of strings? some of them "break in" quicker than others too.
  23. avatar Deadlights
    try graphtech saddles, they work miracles for keeping my tele in tune, and ive hardly broke a string since i got them (cept for sweat filled knackered ones after thrashing it about!) you can get nuts and trees from them aswell, but unless you got major issues its probly overkill. The pencil lead trick Bonzo mentions for the nut is def a good un!
  24. avatar tinpot anto
    Of the cunt only changes his strings every 7 years no wonder he's having tuning problems :-)
  25. avatar jeff_M
    put pencil led in ur nut then put ur strings on help me out with my cort guitar it was natorious for de tuneing
  26. avatar bonzo
    In response to mr Harden, Jags and Jazzmasters are notorius for tuning problems most of which comes from the fact the bridge is free to move slightly instead of being solid in the one position. Some people combat this by putting something around the bridge posts to restrict movement. From memory I think there may even be some comercial products available to do this. Good luck.