1. avatar traviswastherain
    I'm using a Line 6 POD Amp simulator controlled
    with a standard midi floor board via a midi cable
    to the midi in of the POD. My question is. The midi floorboard i use is generic(switches any midi based device and is not made by line 6). It switches between my presets on the pod perfectly except for one thing, it takes a noticable fraction of a second to change from one sound to the other i.e. it's not like a distortion pedal where you click and immediately it goes vroom. It's just slightly slow but its still bothering.

    So my question is, can this be helped. Would i need to buy a line6 floor board or a better midi floorboard or something?

    Any help would be muchly appreciated.

    Aurel...and the angel bombs will fall
  2. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    The POD does that when you change the patch with the buttons on the control panel as well, though, doesn't it? I think that's just a feature of the POD...

  3. avatar EPK
    No delay with the floorboard at all in changing patches.
  4. avatar traviswastherain
    Thanks for the help, looks like I'll just have to bite
    the bullet and buy a line 6 floor board.

    Aurel...and the angel bombs will fall
  5. avatar no coffee no workee
    This is a bit of a stab in the dark, but I think some MIDI controllers delay the signal slightly to avoid so called 'zipper noise', when changing from patch to patch.
    If you've ever scrolled up through the delay times on a Quadraverb during a live mix , you'll know the sound I mean.
    Very small farting noises.
    If the delay is put in it gives the patch time to load fully and avoid this side effect.
    You might find that this is editable on your controller, (or POD) thus negating the need for a very fcuking expensive floor board imo.
    Having said that, they do a cheaper one with 4 user presets for about £50, I think.
  6. avatar The CIA traffics drugs
    yeah you can pick an fb4, its a smaller, cheaper version of the extravagent floorboard that does the job. New theyre about £150 but theyre easy to find 2nd hand these days cuz line 6 now sell an amp with the pod and a fb4 built in!!
  7. avatar simo
    I don't have any delay issues with my pod XT. And they go through 2 units before they get to the POD.

    I do not think this is an issue which will be solved by changing to an FBV board.

    Is the POD the only device in the midi chain? Another device before it could be holding things up