1. avatar Logansrunners
    I've been looking around the internet and I feel spolied for choice, Has anybody got any recommendations? I'm looking mostly at Ibanez and Aria 4-strings with active pickups/eq.
    Oh, and no fenders.
  2. avatar Future Real
    Why dont you like Fenders for?? I love them, i think they sound class. I suppose it depends of what type of music and sound you want to make.
  3. avatar Logansrunners
    I don't like the shape or pickup on the precision, and I hate the neck on the jazz, if I could have a Jazz bass with a precision neck I'd be well happy, but the fools at fender have a p-bass special which is a feckin precision body with a jazz neck, grrr.
  4. avatar Logansrunners
    Umm, nevermind, I just sort of accidently bought an Ibanez atk400. It looks like love.