1. avatar Logansrunners
    Is anybody using these live? I've seen a few rackmountable units like filters and compressor/limiters which are comparable in price to a good pedal, and would obviously have a better range of options than the 3 or 4 knobs on a pedal. The only downside I can see is not having a footswitch, and having to use a powersupply for everything instead of a battery, but are these really problems?
  2. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    You have to ask yourself what sort of thing you actually need? Do you use a myriad of sounds live, or just two? Do you need a multi-tap ping-pong delay that you can control via a midi pedal or just one medium delay for the occasional guitar solo?

    You can of course, go rack mounted with having to go fx crazy... a CAE 3+ preamp into a VHT poweramp, possibly with a Rocktron fx unit thrown in for good measure, would be my idea of a great setup.

    A cheap multifx unit into another cheap multifx unit into the back of a cheap and nasty combo would be my idea of hell...

  3. avatar Logansrunners
    I was thinking along the lines of a basic compressor/limiter (Behringer Composer Pro) to start with, as it could basically sit atop my amp and remain untouched for the entire gig. Being a bass player I don't need much, but a good compressor is essential and would be handy for compressing vocals, drums and anything else when recording... a delay/chorus/flange unit would be handy too, but would probably cost a bomb...

    Basically, my days of cheap multi-fx are over, and I'm thinking big - especially for stuff I can use live and when recording.
  4. avatar Vikesha Stanislaus
    Get a POD pro.
  5. avatar Logansrunners
    a POD pro is an amp modeller with some fx, a useful bit of kit in the studio, but setting it on top of a 250w hybrid amp defeats the purpose a bit...

    Line 6 do have some other fx units which I've been looking at, if only the shops in this country actually stocked anything on that level I could try some out
  6. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    Guitar FX take a high-impedance guitar level signal, rack gear takes a line signal (unless it's specificly for guitar)... They're fairly close so it'll kinda work, but you really need something like [url=http://audioen.terratec.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=29]this[/url] if you're going to get it sounding anywhere near as good as a good pedal.