1. avatar Dutch Harley
    Anyone any information on these amps, when they stopped making them (if they have) and what the consensus ever was about them. I got myself lumbered with a second hand one for far too much money when I was young(er) and foolish(er) from an unnamed con merchant(R*y McLe*d's in L*rgan) and have never found any info on them.

    Any help appreciated.
  2. avatar fhoadam
    i managed to get a huge stereo pearl amp from my old bands drummer, but i dont even know if its a guitar amp or what. is got very little info on it and is rather old
  3. avatar Dutch Harley
    Mine's definitely seen better days and there is a frightening hum when you first turn it on but the clean sound out of it is actually pretty good. I think it's a Duo Reverb so I'm assuming it's Pearl's version of the Twin Reverb (super sleuth I know) but the plate is so rusted I can make out very little else but the name Pearl.