1. avatar die the flu
    What's good and what's pants?

    What could I get in the region of £200 (first or second hand) that's giggable and doesn't sound completely bollocks?

    Are those emulator jobs worth a look?

  2. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Modelling processors (POD etc) aren't really intended for live use, unless you're talking about the proper modelling amps (Vetta, Flextone etc), which are out of your budget range anyways...

    For £200 you could pick up a half-decent Peavey, a half-decent-if-you-like-that-sort-of-thing Marshall Valvestate or somesuch... have a look round EBay...

  3. avatar Logansrunners
    Guitarists have it easy y'know, anything over 50w should be loud enough, you jammy gits.

    The Marshall Valvestate range has been criticised hugely, but I don't think they sound too bad, if you plan to distort it heavily then all you really need to worry about is volume. I'd recommend ebay though, I got a huge Trace Elliot bass amp there for under £400 (and I can't seem to shut up about it...)
  4. avatar Vikesha Stanislaus
    For a loud £200 type amp, youre best going for a solid state jobby.
    Check out Laney TubeFusion amps, they are pretty good, good tone and good price.