1. avatar Logansrunners
    I just bought myself a 300w Trace Elliot combo with 12 band graphic eq, 2 band compression and a lovely valve stage...

    So, who wants my old Peavy? (Peavy Basic 112) 50w, 12" speaker, Low, Low Mid, High Mid, and High eq knobs, 'bright' button and gain cut buttons. It's in top condition, a couple of years old and has never caused any problems - Suitable for bedroom, practice and small gigs, or as a monitor with PA assistance.

    Any questions just ask here, or email me trying it out before you buy isn't a problem

  2. avatar Suki Monster
    I never understood why the hell u would need 12 band graphic eq for a bass amp.But anyway sounds like u bought a monster of an amp
  3. avatar Logansrunners
    Hopefully it'll be able to kill spides (or at least make their ears bleed) from about 10 feet.

    The 12 band eq gives me fantastic control over the tone, allowing me to cut the frequencies too low and high to actually hear, thereby increasing the overall power

    did I mention the valve stage?