1. avatar nickhealy
    how much do u reckon itd be worth if second hand and in really good nick?
  2. avatar Spacebat
    There was one recently for sale in the Belfast Telegraph for £200!!! It didn't say what condition it was in but it did include a selection of FX pedals. It sounded too good to be true.
  3. avatar jar
    My first post!
    it probably was...
    although saying that, when i took up the guitar I got a brand new hondo (Ok...so it's not a flying V!) for £100.
    The good thing about that deal tho, was that I also got a Boss Metal Zone Pedal (all u need!) and a fender sunn amp included in the price.
    Anyone else got any bargains? Edited by: jar at: 4/23/02 12:43:23 pm
  4. avatar River Runs Red
    probably an epiphone V
  5. avatar edna welthorpe
    1950s hofner archtop semi acoustic £11
  6. avatar nickhealy
    so no guesses on a second hand gib flyin v then? ball park figure even?
  7. avatar Suki Monster