1. avatar Dutch Harley
    Opinions sought. My amp (Laney TF400) has, IMO, a really nice distortion sound but the overdrive type channel on it is complete shít. Any ideas on decent, not overly expensive overdrive pedals which will give a good overdriven sound with open and barre chords? Even any ideas on controlling the distortion a bit might help :)
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  2. avatar antojasper
    Boss = Dear but v. good

    Every thing else is lessening degrees of good ness and dearness

    NObels did a good range of pedals about the 40 quid mark, sturdy wee beasts, they are.

    Check them out
  3. avatar Niall Harden
    the Boss Super Overdrive isn't expensive, but on a trebly guitar it can hurt :-) the Nobels OD is good, and suprisingly the old Korg digital Overdrive is brilliant; thew sound out of my Korg Multi FX and Juke's "Korg SuperOverdrive" was better than any other i've used...
  4. avatar evelknievellives
    I have a "juke Korg Super Overdrive" and they do have a good sound, but they are very noisy, and the worst thing about them is the switches.Mine is likely to switch off properly once in every 5 switches.Seriously, when you switch it off most times, the signal level drops by like 80% and then it goes all fuzzy and disgusting.I think its just the switch, so i dunno, but i am thinking of replacing it with a Boss Overdrive of some sort, cos i really like their sound and they are veyr veyr reliable
  5. avatar Niall Harden
    i tested the Boss Reliability thing once

    it required open-pedal sugery :-(

    once i had fixed it, it werked fine, except it was always on when i switched it,er, on. if you know what i mean
  6. avatar glzebub of four star
    marshall guvnor mk2 was pretty good, niall's pedal is quite trebly, me thinks the normal boss overdrive or blues driver would werk better.

    not as good as the overdrive channel on a valve amp tho...
    or a fender frontman 15G eh niall.....yummy.......

    oh and never, EVER, get the dano fab tone. the dano daddy-o is £35 in smithfield at the mo'
  7. avatar interrupted music
    i was the first explorer of the frontiers of juke overdrive..........
  8. avatar Suki Monster
    best overdrive pedal i have tried is the boss blues driver as you can squeeze a @#%$ load of gain out of it it for an overdrive pedal.Go to session and try it out.Another great option is the ibanez tube screamer.But 2 tubescreamers together sound better than one so its expensive.
  9. avatar Vikesha Stanislaus
    OK, I would suggest that if you are gonna get an overdrive unit then look no further than the excellent fulltone fulldrive 2.
    It gives THE most transparent overdrive tones that you can get from a pedal.
    If you find that a little expensive then the Boss Blues Driver is, as has been mentioned, an amazing pedal.

    Personally, I would stay well clear of the Ibanez TubeScreamers, they dont have the balls of the Blues Driver, perhaps they are a tad more transparent.
    If you where gonna get a TubeScreamer whip out one of the diodes to get more gain and you could have yourself an amazing pedal.

    For cheappies, the Danelectro T-Bone is great, you aint gonna get much better for £30.
    You can have everything from breaking up to saturated distortion.

    The marshall pedals, IMHO, are a little on the trebly side, they dont have true bypass and you can get a little sniff of their tone when
    you have them turned off.