1. avatar Shugs
    Wasn't sure which section to put this in so I just went for here. Sorry if its wrong.

    I was just wondering is there anywhere I can go to get a design spray painted or whatever onto my guitar? Or even just to get a new coat of paint(?) on it? Anyone here do it or know anyone that does it...?

    Cheers, sorry again if this is in the wrong place.

    John... stp
  2. avatar antojasper
    I bought a celtic type wall stencil set for 1.99, and used it to paint a big celticy dragon dog mularkey on my scratch plate.

    It looks class.
  3. avatar fhoadam
    no it didnt

    admit it
  4. avatar antojasper
    still does.
  5. avatar Daithi jasper
    Actually looks pretty good...I was surprised too...