1. avatar die the flu
    Are they owned by Fender or something?
    Are the SG copies any good?
  2. avatar die the flu
    Uh, can someone tell me quick cuz I think I'm going to impulsively buy one today
  3. avatar Niall Harden
    they are owned by fender...

    the SG copies are alrite actually, i played a blue seven string one once and was suprised as i expected utter ballix
  4. avatar zebulon
    Here, DtF, WTF are you doing buying a guitar?
    Spend your time wisely by learning how to use a plectrum first.
    You are a bass player after all....you have to learn the right way to do things you know...

  5. avatar die the flu
    Gah, don't be cramping my impulsive spending...

    I've already got a good bass...My guitar however is complete crap.

    Plectrums are for wusses...I'm gonna play my new guitar with a jam jar full of 2 pence pieces.
  6. avatar zebulon
    No no no no no.
    Use nappy pins attached to your fingers with gaffa tape.
    Or pliers.
  7. avatar Suki Monster
    dearmond are great guitars for the price I have a m-75 which i picked up for £375 and it has an amazing jazz tone and looks lovely.
  8. avatar die the flu
    Too late...I bought a 7 string Ibanez whilst drunk ;)
  9. avatar zebulon
    Cool, that means you could join Skin The Pig.
    But only if you know how to tune down to B...
  10. avatar die the flu
    B's for wusses, I'm playing it in A.