Thinline Telecasters?

I've decided that I really want to get a Thinline Telecaster. There seems to be two models: One with single coils and one with humbuckers. I've played one with single coils in Marcus Music and it was lovely. I haven't tried the one with humbuckers. Since I'm going to be ordering the guitar in, I'll have to specify which type I want. I'm tempted to get the single coil type because I know that I liked it, but then the one with humbuckers has that classic thinline look and might sound better. I want to be able to get a really nice clean sound out of the guitar I buy along with a decent amount of punch when I have my amp on the gain channel. I have an SG at the moment which is great for heavy parts, but is a bit too crunchy on the clean parts for my liking. Has anyone played both types of thinline? Which did you prefer and why?