1. avatar glzebub of four star
    hello. i am seeking your advice cos i'm buying a new guitar in london in like 2 weeks. i am hoping for a fender toronado, if i can find one. if not, it looks like either an epiphone LP or SG will have to suffice.

    i know you are a keen exponent of these guitars. and also you have a few years experience behind you, harmony central.com sort of tells two stories (yank site btw)

    "man they're just heaps of firewud, nowhere near as good as my PRS custom!"

    or, "wow they're the best guitars in the world!"

    just how good is an epi LP std or a G400? say i splashed out on shiny new seymour duncan pu's for them as well, just how good a performance could i expect?
    i'm using a trace elliot speed twin c50 btw.
  2. avatar EPK
    There is one rule above all others.
    Try all the guitars there....one will eventually call to you
    "take me!!!"......because it'll feel very right to you...and I'm talking about just sitting playing it acoustically. That'll be your best guitar.
    If it feels right and plays alright, when it's amplified it'll be better.
    If one of these should be an Epi LP...when you stick in Seymours, Di Marzios or whatever.....it'll be a monster.
    PRS Customs are lovely guitars, made for studios and gig
    special moments, but for price and ability to work hard, go for an Epi LP.
  3. avatar evelknievellives
    I doubted epiphones and thought about going for one of the Fender mexican made instruments.I wanted the cyclone, but when i couldn't find one anywhere, tried out a Mexican Tele, and thought it sounded class.So i got ready to buy it, BUt before i did, i tried out the Epiphone G-400 Custom and it was absolute KIckass.I mean it just feels class, and the sound is amazin.I am thinking of getting a Seymour Duncan '59 or JB put in it in the Bridge just to make it that bit better , but stock it sounds great.
    However, all Epiphones break strings for a wee while, so i got the sandpaper out, fixed the bridge, then i set it up and it is a cracking guitar now.
    You should go with the Epiphone seriously, if you can't find that Fender if thats what you want.Im sure its a great guitar too, but the Epiphones sound and feel class to my tastes.
  4. avatar glzebub of four star
    whoo hoo! thank you both very much.
    what's the difference soundwise between an SG and a LP?

    so, EPK, i know the gibson version must be a lot better, an epi would probably be better suited to a student in a local band as yet in their embryonic stage?
  5. avatar Future Real
    Go for a Fender, they rock
  6. avatar EPK
    Don't. Not with how you play. Fenders are too thin soundwise, but more versatile overall....and on top of that, the Mexicans and cheaper models are just badly made keek, unless you want to pay over £700 or so.
    There's not too much difference in sound between Epi LPs and SGs...except the SG necks are really thin...but there's always that awkward strap button behind the neck that needs moved to the horn.
  7. avatar Rodantherockband
    I recently bought an Epi SG and I am well chuffed with it. The sound is full and dirty, and for me it just feels right. It's made a helluva difference to our live playing.

    Great value for money as well. Got mine new for £279.
  8. avatar glzebub of four star
    just furnished my bedroom with epiphones finest Les Paul Standard in cherry sunburst courtesty of cash converters for just £169!! good deal or what?
    now that'll save my a ton, now for pickups, fcuk have you seen the seymour duncan site, so many to choose from!!