1. avatar cheeko Max
    What in your dirty wee opinions are the best drum machines?

    I've priced a few in Marcus and Matchetts and the cheapest is £129.99.

    Any got any recommendations?
  2. avatar EPK
    Those Zoom Rhythm tracks are superb value. Get one. The slightly more expensive 323 is the one (around £170), but the 123's very good also.
  3. avatar Niall Harden
    here, here!

    does the 123 not have bass?

    the bass is pretty wick really; it'd be valueful to get the cheaper one;
    plus it looks nicer too :-)
  4. avatar feline1
    The Feline Dream use a Cheetah Specdrum,
    a Roland CR78 CompuRhythm
    a Roland TR808 Rhythm Composer
    an Oberheim DX digital drum machine
    and an Roland R8 also.

    I maintain that the CR78 is the best of all of these,
    and I believe that our version of "BABY'S ON FIRE" this Xmas
    demonstrated this admirably....
  5. avatar ryanblackdot
    korg er-1's are amazing and i think u can pick them up for about £170 2nd hand now, bout £230 new.
    elektron's new machinedrum is outstanding but will be well outta most's price ranges. [url="http://www.elektron.com"]www.elektron.com[/url]

    as vintage stuff goes, good stuff u can pick up cheaply on ebay and the like:
    casio rz-1
    roland tr series
  6. avatar EPK
    The TR series is a bit limited,being very stylised with Eastenders sounds, and also in editing, especially with minimal resolution.