1. avatar Blind Eye View
    Okay not entirely musical but it is to take band photos...

    Anyway, I've been having a look at prices for digital cameras and the starting price for decent ones (ie not basic web cams) is aroung £150. In terms of spec these seem fine, but has one got one or can recommend any particular manufacturere or model ??

    [url="http://www.pcworld.co.uk/store/martprd.dll/store/pcw_page.jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@0154723111.1010749305@@@@&BV_EngineID=eadcdcihmmmibedcfgmcfckf.0&page=Product&sku=314776"]Heres[/url] and example of the sort of models I've been looking at.
  2. avatar EPK
    Got one of the Kodaks a bit ago...they're super, but a bit more expensive.They truly rock...great zoom and all
  3. avatar The Mango Kid
    I'd recommend any of the Fuji Finepix range or the new Nikon digital cameras, I'd steer clear of the Kodak ones, they're a bit too Fisher-price 'my first digital camera' (although this might sound good if you haven't used a digital camera before, it really isn't) when compared to similar priced models in other brands.
    Plus they ain't the most reliable, I work in Jessops & book in/send out all the faulty cameras that are returned, last week I sent 3 Kodak away.
    PLUS all Kodak digital cameras have to be sent to belgium of all places to be repaired, and it takes quite a wee while.
    So whatever you do Mr. Keyes, don't drop it or put water anywhere NEAR the thing!

    If you want me to actually check prices & c what camera would be best 4 ya, you'll have to wait a week or so, I'm off work for exams.
  4. avatar EPK
    Well, I've just had a look, I've taken approximately 2000 photos with it in the more than two years I've had it.
    Many of the photos have been on this board,from bands like Invinyl, Ninebar,Hexxed,The Dagda,Superskin, Caruso Riffmastergeneral etc, and they're great.
    I'm from the old school of totally manual SLRs, and I've been able to get it to do wonderful things. It's pin sharp, and quality is excellent. And as I said, coming from developing my own stuff for umpteen years with XP5, FP4, and colour slide film mainly, I'm not talking yer Boots 100.
  5. avatar Blind Eye View
    I'm thinking of going for this :

    KODAK DX3215

    Price inc VAT
    £169.89 (from Pc World)

    — 1.3 million pixel resolution
    — 2x optical zoom
    — 2x digital zoom
    — 8Mb internal memory
    — Docking Station
    — One touch picture transfer

    Anyone got it, know much about it ??
  6. avatar EPK
    Weird..I lost a bit of my post there
  7. avatar tgmac
    My first post!
    1.3 million pix is OK for web and 6 x 4 prints. Try to print any bigger and the quality goes to hell.
    However more pix = more money.
  8. avatar fastfude
    I can recommend the Canon Digital IXUS. I've had one for a year now, and I've been very happy with it. Also, it's the size of a packet of fegs, so dead handy for carrying around.

    2.1 megapixel

    5.4-10.8mm lens, (2x optical zoom & 4x digital)

    res 640x480 up to 1600x1200 pix

    - exposure level,
    - light type (daylight/overcast/tungsten/strip lighting/etc),
    - colour / b&w / panoramic stitched photos
    - macro lens
    - timer
    - delayed flash and more.

    Comes with Canon rechargeable cell and recharger

    USB connector

    uses CompactFlash cards

    casing is brushed steel, nice heavy, solid feel to it

  9. avatar The Mango Kid
    Canon's Digital Ixus is a very nice wee camera!
  10. avatar Blind Eye View
    Rog's Camera looks *very* nice indeed, unfortunately it retails at £400 +

    In the time I've been looking the price has come down a good bit and for the same cash I can now get a better camera, I'm gonna go for this one here , any one knowledge of it ??

    Olympus C2 Digital Camera.


    - 2.1 million pixels.
    - 1.5in LCD screen.
    - Single focal length, 36mm lens in 35mm format.
    - Bright F2.8 lens plus 2.5x digital zoom.
    - Shoot up to 5 shots at 1.5fps in sequence HQ mode, Quick
    time movie mode with up to 60 seconds in SQ mode.
    - USB storage class and TV interface.
    - Supplied with 16Mb Smart Media Card, lithium battery, USB cable, strap and Olympus software.

  11. avatar Amorous Muse
    My first post!
    The kodak 3215's a boomerang mate.
    I work in currys and we've had a few of them go faulty and have to be sent back to be repaired.
    The best of the bunch at the minute is the Fuji 2600 from the finepix range.
    2.1 million pixels and a 3x optical zoom.
    Which is much better than the digital zooms most camera's in this price range come with.
    It'll set you back about £239 in Currys, Dixons or Pc World.
    Im actully buying one myself next week.
    If you want to ask me anything about the camera's we stock email me on amorous_muse@hotmail.com
  12. avatar EPK
    Like he said. Get an optical zoom....coupled with a digital zoom it means you'll be able to photograph yer lad successfully now, Ryan.