1. avatar Niall Harden
    no, hang on, monitors, the lesser spotted beast of Belfast.

    i wasnt to buy a monitor for **** / Iden Green, a decentish active one to feed a Sub Out from the drum machine into... so as we can hear the damn thing and stay in time. last night we had a crappy crappy monitor and a crappy crappy mix, everything was a wash of noise, and while i liked it; noone else did. if we're going to play with a drum machine (and it looks like we are) then we need to hear it, and so does the audience. so how much should i expect to pay for an active monitor, or is this a ridiculous plan?
  2. avatar EPK
    Yes. Buy a keyboard amp instead. It'll cover the full range of the drum machine, and you can blast it out. A Peavey KB100'll do it. Not that dear either, these days. Try Bairds.