1. avatar Rodantherockband
    I am about to buy a new guitar and I'm in a bit of a pickle. I've decided on either [url=http://www.washburn.com/products/guitar/wi64.shtm]Washburn WI64[/url] for £300 or an Epiphone SG for £275. Anyone any thoughts on which would be the better of these two?
    Lastability? pick-ups? Machine Heads? Tone?
    Whoever gives the most helpful advice gets 20 quid.*
    * Void in UK, Ireland and Rest of World.
  2. avatar Future Real
    Ok id buy a Fender Strat, if you go for a Mexico made one you could pick it up for around £350 to £400.

    Can i have £20
  3. avatar ricflair2002
    Why spend all that money on a REAL guitar when you could just use an 'air' one?
    Can I have the money you will have saved?
  4. avatar Rodantherockband
    Thanks there, but I don't want a Strat. I'm after a more 'gibsony' sound.

    You are in line for the £20 if (a)no-one beats your advice, and (b)you are not domicile in the precluded areas as outlined above.
  5. avatar Anonymous
    how about you buy a @#%$ guiatar for 100 quid and use the rest on getting drunk? thats what i would do anyway.
  6. avatar retropunk
    who ate father ted .................neway some @#%$ stole my air guitar................@#%$ just bought 2 new air leads too and they were stole aswell........@#%$ just left it down for the piano part in bohemian rhapsody and some kunt knicked it.........
  7. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Washburn and Epiphone both make fine guitars in the sub £500 range. You'll most likely get similar quality of hardware etc from both. It comes down to what look you're going for... personally, I'd favour the SG out of those two - the Washburn has an almost Rickenbacker look to it, which doesn't appeal, I have to say.

    Chances are you'll not find anywhere locally to test 'em out side by side for tone, playability etc, so unless you fancy a trip to London (which I would definitely recommend if you were buying a more expensive instrument) just pick whichever one you think is prettiest. And let's face it, it ain't the Washburn.


    PS You could get a decent secondhand Jackson Pro for that money...
  8. avatar retropunk
    u could do that
    or u kuld help me find my air guitar..........its hard to miss........its got lots of dekorations coz its kamouflaged
  9. avatar Daithi jasper
    Have to totally agree with Steve there. The Ephiphone "Not Too Dear But Not @#%$" range is very nice for the money. I've played some very nice Washburn's but I would never actually think of owning one... personal thing I suppose...
  10. avatar Future Real
    I use my Fender strat all the time but i have an Epiphone les paul maybe if your intrested. Its black with a cream sort of colour for a scratch plate, its very nice. I wouldnt sell it cos i never sell any of my guitars but i need some cash and may consider it.
  11. avatar Rodantherockband
    Thanks fellas. I had been veering towrads the Washburn as I like the action and it has incredible sustain for a guitar of that price. But yes, the Epiphone does look a helluva lot better.

    What price is the Les Paul Future Real?
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  12. avatar glzebub of four star
    session music currently have the washburn of which you speak and epiphone SG's so side by side comparisons are possible.

    quite similar here,
    the VGC system on the washburn means it's way more versatile so if it's yer only geetar.....
    pickups and hardware, not much in it.

    go try and see.
  13. avatar evelknievellives
    Get an Epiphone G-400 custom.I got one and it is an amazing guitar.It has the 3 humbuckers on it and the tone is superb, also, cos it is a "custom" model, the actually quality of contruction is much better.ITs a really good guitar.Personally i loved the cream colour, but it also comes in Black, which is even better, but i couldn't find one.
  14. avatar Niall Harden
    go Washburn! you will not regret it!
    i have an Epiphone and let me tell you,. microphonic feedback is a bitch... although the extra versatility of a Washburn might not appeal to Rodan
  15. avatar EPK
    Epiphone now dip all their pickups, so microphonic feedback is gone as a problem. They're damn good guitars for the money, but be prepared to do a bit of work setting it up,adjusting bridge, intonation, action ,and particularly the truss rod. The SG necks are fast.
  16. avatar Niall Harden
    i wasn't aware that they dipped the pickups?
    they never used to, even though it cost feck all...

    Marcus owning dude never mentioned that when we were asking him about Epiphones today
    my wee Epiphone feeds back in a most unpleasant manner all the time
  17. avatar Rodantherockband
    The thought of adjusting the Epiphone isn't too appealing as I am a complete buffoon when it comes to technical guitar matters.

    So do the Washburn pick-ups come 'pre-dipped'? And it appears that the Washburn is more idiot proof, right? If so, I think I'll be getting the Washburn.
  18. avatar EPK
    They started dipping them last year, as the microphonic pickup issue was becoming a negative selling point.
    No!!!! Not the Washburn!!!!!!
    Get the Epiphone, and learn how to set it up, there's plenty of info on the net, and apart from adjusting the truss rod, you can't f**k it up.
  19. avatar EPK
    Dip yer own, Niall...it's fairly easy.
  20. avatar Rodantherockband
    Why are you so against the Washburn Eamonn? It's a really lovely guitar to play, and according to some reviews I've read, it's as good a guitar as you could get for the moolah and has received a mighty
    4 picks out of 5 at [url="http://www.musicgearreview.com/reviews/washburn-wi64-dl-electric-guitar.htm"]musicgearreview.com[/url].

    However, I concur that the Epiphone looks way better.

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  21. avatar Niall Harden
    don't listen to him - what does he know about guitars

    get the Washburn! it stays in tune and the quilted top ones are sexy
  22. avatar EPK
    Well...I've 13 of them, from the Epiphone Les paul and SG to a Real Les Paul, and my fave is the Epiphone Les Paul..which people in the studio tend to use when they've tried it. The Washburns are girls guitars. I mean, just look at Niall. If he wandered up to you in a shop and advised you, you'd buy the opposite......wouldn't you? :-)
  23. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Especially if it was a barber shop.

    The only Washburn I would play is one of the Nuno N4 jobbies... even the Dimebag signature ones are a bit duff.

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  24. avatar Niall Harden
    you mean you choose the Epi over the others?!?!

    does it have the stock pickups or did you replace them?
  25. avatar Rodantherockband

    Pros :
    Great sustain
    Great pick-ups
    Build quality
    Easy to use

    Looks aren't great
    Girl's guitar

    Epiphone :

    Pros :
    Looks fantastic
    Great pick-ups
    Build quality

    Cons :
    High Action
    Involves some DIY set-up

    Still can't frickin' decide!!!
  26. avatar EPK
    It has stock pickups which I'll dip myself when I have time...probably in my next incarnation.Or I might buy some Duncans for it and stick 'em in.
  27. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    High action? Just lower it then!

  28. avatar Niall Harden
    during your DIY setup

    there was an Epi LP in Cash Converters (i know, i know, but 6 month warranty) for £199 with a hard case but some buisness chap bought it for himself

    from your point of view i'd take the Epi, but personally i'd take the Washburn.
  29. avatar EPK
    See? He's definitely a girl.
  30. avatar Future Real
    I still prefer Fenders
  31. avatar Niall Harden

    if only the Strat ve Tele vs Les Paul vs SG
    and solid state ve valve vs hybrid vs digital threads could be archived in here
  32. avatar Suki Monster
    well personally I would get the epiphone and Change the pickups to seymour duncans beacuse an epiphone with good pick ups can sound as good as a gibson if set up right.plus i used to have a washburn ages ago and it wasnt the greatest.
  33. avatar EPK
    See? SukiMonster is a man....allegedly.
  34. avatar Rodantherockband
    Yesterday I purchased a shiny new cherry red Epiphone G400 (SG) and it looks and sounds fantastic. In the end, it just had oodles more charm than the Washburn. Thanks for the guidance fellas!
  35. avatar Future Real
    Nice choise
  36. avatar EPK
    C'mon in, join the men and have a pint.
    No more sherry for Niall.