1. avatar EndOn6
    Guitar is sorted just looking for a Bass Player now !

    New band starting up currently its 2 guitarists and drums, so we're looking for a bass player. Style would be early Hopesfall (No Wings to Speak Of era stuff) with a Smashing Pumpkins influence as well. Previous expericence isn't necessary but your own equipment is essential as the practice room doesn't have any. If you can do some singing/screaming that would be a bonus.

    2 of us live in Ards and the other in Bangor. We have a practice room sorted in Ards for Thursday nights

    If you're intrested leave a message here or you can mail me endon6@hotmail.co.uk I've a rough track the guitar player did with a drum machine and a few other bits and pieces I can send to give you an idea.

    Thanks !
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  2. avatar Ctrl Alt Deceit

    Meant to be a pm there, Oops
  3. avatar anty
    ahh if only it was closer, good luck guys
  4. avatar EndOn6
    Cheers Anty ! And good luck to yourself too !
  5. avatar EndOn6
    Got guitar sorted so we're just looking for a bass player, so if anyone is interested please drop me a mail. I can send the track on if you'd like.

    We also have finally got a practice place sorted in Ards, it'll be on a Thursday night, at the minute it'll be 7-9 but hopefully by the end of June we'll be able to practice longer. Own equipment would be essential as the practice place doesn't have any.

    Thanks !

  6. avatar potatojunkie1
    Sure you don't want another guitarist, I can even sing!

    Good luck on finding a bass player anyway.
  7. avatar EndOn6
    Haha I think we're good for guitarists, but cheers ! Hope you get something sorted too.
  8. avatar EndOn6
    Bump ! Still looking, had our first practice tonight and it's sounding good, get in touch if you're interested in coming along.