1. avatar kickintheteeth



    absolutely amazing. *wants one*
  2. avatar drakeguild
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  3. avatar feline1
    yeah I mean basically: it's shite :roll:

    It still doesn't sound as good as a proper analogue synth, and it control interface is ludicrous and looks like a bad early 80s sci-filum.

    Apart from that, it's clawws, of course.
  4. avatar Darragh-NDL
    Surely this is just the start though, and tangible interfaces will be the face of some great instruments and music for that point.

    right now I think its would be the worlds best primary school toy! :-D
  5. avatar papaul
    Amazing!!! I want one so badly!!!
  6. avatar dodgi stereo
    I think this shows a development in user interfaces that is quite original and potentialy very important for the future of composing electronic music.

    In Brian Eno's 'a year...swollen app...' book he mentions the problems with using a computer as a tool. One of his gripes was the user interface; mouse and keyboard not being the best ways to activate a rapport between player and instrument.

    Many keyboards and interesting controllers have been developed over the years, but this one in particular appears to me - quite new and special as it's modular and tactile, and reminds me of goodtimes with lego. I guess I'll have to find it and have a try.

    I believe it was at Sonar festival a while back.

    On a related note.

  7. avatar feline1


    Barry, that is *EXACTLY* what I have been looking for for the past few YEARS: a proper MODULAR (in the hardware sense) customizable MIDI control surface! WOOOOOOOOO!

    I mean I have all these bleddy Kenton Control Freaks and Doepfer Pocket Controllers and even a Doepfer Drehbank round at Feline HQ, in a vain attempt to instill proper tweakability into my knobless synths -
    but ultimately, it's always a bit pants:

    eg my Elektron SID Station has sthg like 152 parameters accessible from its from panel - even with a 2 x 64 Doepfer Drehabank, you have to leave some off..... then then that's all continuous knob pots, where for some of them I want Switches or Sliders .....

    FINALLY someone has produced something where you can just pick and choose what knobs/sliders/buttons/etc you need, and configure bespoke!

    Right, I'm off to mug some pensioners to acquie the requisate funds......
  8. avatar Cav
    or something like this?

  9. avatar feline1
    I saw Lemur reviewed in Sound On Sound a while back - it has the same rubbish "touch (in)sensitive" control surface as the Sinclair ZX81, the Yamaha DX7, those crap modern cash-registery things they use in McDonald's et al, and the brainwrong ticket machines in most mainline UK rail stations.

    In short, I would rather hammer nails into my @rse on stage than try to use one of those to control a synth.
  10. avatar Darragh-NDL
    You should try that hammerin nails trick on stage, may not be such a trick or entertaining in the slightest but Saatchi is bound to pick up on it!
  11. avatar icedcoffee
    THIS is the future of music - not sure how well it would work live though...