1. avatar the dirty weed
    seems the books are playing here http://www.movingonmusic.com/tours/?id=33

    lethal, boy.
  2. avatar MtCaramel
    Fuck me, The Books are brill. That song with the painter splashing paint all over the show. That makes me happy.
  3. avatar Niall Harden
  4. avatar drakeguild
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  5. avatar the dirty weed
    [quote:4e1d20189f="drakeguild"]The Books are indeed incredible..however I do not think I could last 10 minutes in a room with so many emo's.[/quote:4e1d20189f]

    eh? the books are classified as emo now? oh lordy, i'm so confused...
  6. avatar whipchorus
    The Books - wonderously soporific, but in a 'wonderful' way.