1. avatar Scrooey McTavish
    Roland VS840 and Boss BR8 for sale.

    I've had the BR8 for approx 4 years and the VS840 for 6 months (BR8 was brand new at the time and the VS840 had one previous owner). Both work with Zip Disks. I up-graded the drive in the BR8 from 100MB to 250MB about 6 months ago.

    Both of these units are in perfect working order. The volume knob for the rhythm guide is missing on the BR8 but it works fine without it.

    I still have the manuals and the packaging for the VS840 but the manuals are not available for the BR8. You should be able to get these through www.roland.com

    I'm selling these so I can gather some funds for a 16-track. Both units have served me well. I bought the VS840 for the 4 track simultaneous recording function which is great for recording basic drum tracks.

    For a full spec on the VS840 check the link below:


    And the BR8: http://www.bosscorp.co.jp/en/BR-8/

    £120 for each OVNO. I'll be putting these on ebay shortly with a similar reserve.

    PM me if interested.
  2. avatar Scrooey McTavish
    For got to mention I'll throw in an external zip-drive and USB cable so you can "Phil Spector" it on your pc.
  3. avatar Scrooey McTavish
    ..........and some zip disks.
  4. avatar Scrooey McTavish
    I have the VS-840 on ebay and will be putting the BR8 on tonight. PM me if interested.
  5. avatar Scrooey McTavish
    Br8 has now been sold. VS840 still available. PM me if interested.