1. avatar Suki Monster
    I left my guitar in for a service recently to a guy in bangor, i have been using him for years to do things like cleaning and setting the action for me, but this time i asked him to take a look to see if my humbucker could be coil tapped, when i recived it back the pick up selections are all messed up.Is anyone here good at this kind of stuff and will be willing to help? (i will pay) as I cant do with out my guitar for the two weeks that session or marcus will have it away for to be repaired.i have the circuit diagrams of the wiring ect but i am not brave enough to attempt it myself.So please help.
  2. avatar Spide90
    should ye not take it back to the guy who broke it..?

    whats 'coil tapping' anywho?
  3. avatar Suki Monster
    The guy who messed it up is getting on a bit and i dont think he really knows much about the electronics side of things and i dont want anymore damage done to it. Coil tapping is when the humbucker is split so it can be used as a single coil as well.
  4. avatar Spide90

    so...eh.. yeah.

    think its time for a pick-up section in the FAQ
  5. avatar EPK
    Aye...the coil tap thing's a new innovation from about 1974.
    I've done a few...but I'm not touching yours. I hate that stuff, as nothing's standard.
  6. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    It'll be complete trial and error getting the wiring back the way it was. Desolder the wires from the selector switch, and then one by one find where each one belongs. If you have an exact wiring diagram for your guitar it should make things easier...

    I'll have a look at it if you want, some night next week, but can't promise anything!
  7. avatar feline1
    Yes but remember to use nice 'hi-fi' quality solder, with no lead in it and some silver (60p extra per roll from Maplin, or sthg),
    rather than some plumber's ballex intended for joining sinks to U-bends....
  8. avatar Suki Monster
    cheers simey i shall email you.There is no way that i am touching it as i am useless at this sort of thing.The wiring a lot more complicated than most guitars i have seen.
  9. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Check out www.seymourduncan.com for a load of wiring diagrams for all sorts of pickup/control configs... all nicely laid out with simple pictorial diagrams - i.e. not cryptic techie diagrams.