1. avatar Speed Demon
    I've just watched last night's programme. Not much in it for me, musically speaking, until right at the end. Stand-Up Guy were excellent, I thought.

    I'm not a metalhead at all, but I thought it was a bit special, and you rarely hear anything as uncompromising on our TVs.

    If you missed it, you can see it at:

    (Incidentally, I think the video player on the website could be improved by removing the translucent control bar off the video image. It's a nifty bit of Flash programming, and I'm sure the programmer is really chuffed with himself, but the image is small enough as it is, without obscuring a lump at the bottom. You wouldn't want your TV to have that sort of thing on the screen all the time, would you?)
  2. avatar smittennn
    STAND UP GUY are Brilliant!
    thank you ATLTV for supporting them.

    speed demon, 'heaviouscity' is contagious.
    one of us, one of us, one of us!
  3. avatar MULLAN Extraordinaire
    Thanks for tuning in guys. The song was edited to shít but what the hey! Great exposure etc.
    By the way our album launch is happening on June 2nd in Limelight if you're interested.
  4. avatar PaulATL
    i think if you keep your mouse away from it the tranluscent bar should go away. thats what it does fer me anyways. It just ghosts up when you approach that part of the screen
    Glad you enjoyed.
  5. avatar T Entertainment
    SUG would very much appeal to all the Tracer / ASIWYFA fans out there - I genuinely think they're actually the superior band, and one doesn't say that lightly.
    New album should kick some doors in alright.