1. avatar tinpot anto
    Right for anyone from Lurgan/Portadown this will take a few seconds to sink in.

    This gig is in the CENTREPOINT complex, in Bar Cuba (I think)

    Tin Pot Operation and AMADAN (feat. Petesy Burns).

    The Centrepoint has been bought over by some cool people who will try and turn it from a spide-ridden stab hole into a top class music venue.

  2. avatar Speed Demon
    Hmmm. I think I might wait until [i:2e6e7864c2]after[/i:2e6e7864c2] it's been converted from a spide-ridden stab hole into a top class venue.
  3. avatar tinpot anto
    I meant turn it's reputation round.

    The stab-happy spides have been exculcated already :)

    Well this is a big party to celebrate freedom from stabbing.
  4. avatar Bobphoenix
    Bar Cuba has recently become the best gigging venue in Lurgan. It's drawing crowds of 200+ on a regular basis. Viva la Revolution, the spides are being overthrown!
  5. avatar tinpot anto

    Best. craic. evar111!!!1

    Imagine somewhere like the Potthouse is taken over by the joint clientele of the CAC and Giro's for one night, and occasionally some of the regulars drop by ready to shake their arse to some commercial beats and demonstrate their attractiveness to the opposite sex by moving their arms from below the elbows only and stepping forward and back. They dander in in a small group and take to the dance floor, then a 15 stone hairy man in suspenders doing the Staying Alive routine comes into view, and they glance around at the flailing mass of uninhibited oddness that has taken over their refuge, and you can just watch their fragile little world come crashing down. Then the conflict in their eyes [i:d102512d61]"Must. not. dance....too...gay...."