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    [size=24:7c8442b039]THE JANE BRADFORDS[/size:7c8442b039]
    [size=18:7c8442b039]THE BLACK TOKENS

    THURSDAY APRIL 19TH [/size:7c8442b039]

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    [b:7c8442b039]The Jane Bradfords[/b:7c8442b039] are the bedroom studio product of one guy called Deci, who listened to too much music and bought too many keyboards. A blend of electro rock hooks with melancholic vocals has resulted in comparisons to [b:7c8442b039]New Order[/b:7c8442b039], [b:7c8442b039]Stereolab[/b:7c8442b039], [b:7c8442b039]The National [/b:7c8442b039]and [b:7c8442b039]Clap Your Hands Say Yeah[/b:7c8442b039].

    Since august 2006 The Jane Bradfords have taken form as a four-piece live band. Now just over 6 months in existence they have received critical acclaim from the media, including being crowned God of the Pod in Huw Stephens best of unsigned 2006 on Radio 1 and recording a subsequent session in the famed Maida Vale studios. They have featured on numerous podcasts and radio stations but their crowning glory to date is reaching [b:7c8442b039]Number 1 in QBS alternative charts in the Qatar[/b:7c8442b039].

    2007 will see extensive gigging for the band while their debut album takes form in Deci’s bedroom in Belfast.

    [i:7c8442b039]“Sounding absolutely spectacular... They make ace indie music, all grotty and life affirming”[/i:7c8442b039]

    Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 1

    [b:7c8442b039]The Black Tokens [/b:7c8442b039]are a five-piece Rock ‘n’ Roll band hailing from Belfast, who draw on a very wide range of influences the band quickly developed a distinctive and instantly recognisable sound all of their own which has been described as [i:7c8442b039]“ballsy, attitude-laden, melody-driven Rock n’ Roll with a kick.” [/i:7c8442b039]

    Their influences range from [b:7c8442b039]ABBA [/b:7c8442b039]to [b:7c8442b039]The Zutons [/b:7c8442b039]however, what they sound like is an altogether more interesting proposition. Think pure valve, beautifully over-driven guitars, a Stranglers-esque rumbling bass sound, classic moog synth sounds and vocals that lay down the melody and harmonise together like it’s a mini celebration. These sounds are built around a solid Keith Moon inspired beat.

    [i:7c8442b039]“A thrilling, indie hipster’s choice, swaggered on next, bringing a cool rock n’ roll aesthetic along with them.”[/i:7c8442b039]

    BBC Across The Line

    Escape Act[/b:7c8442b039] are an alternative three piece from Belfast, born out of the pedigree of local stalwarts such as [b:7c8442b039]Desert Hearts[/b:7c8442b039], [b:7c8442b039]Roque Junior [/b:7c8442b039]and [b:7c8442b039]The Tom McShane Band[/b:7c8442b039]. The group have been refining their live show, completing a series of local shows including a breathtaking appearance at the 2006 Belfest festival. Their latest release, [i:7c8442b039]‘Hot Air’ [/i:7c8442b039]has attracted a huge influx of local and national media attention since its release earlier this year. The band are currently planning a UK tour to support the release.

    [i:7c8442b039]“Ferociously upbeat and head spinning.”[/i:7c8442b039]

    Hot Press

    Two Step is an monthly club night, which takes place in Belfast's Limelight venue.

    For any information/bookings, email twostepclub@hotmail.com
  2. avatar thesacredhearts
    Get down earlt for Escape Act if you're coming, really enjoyed them when we played at Blueprint together.
  3. avatar The Black Tokens
    bump ya go
  4. avatar twostep
    Indeed - next thursday night
  5. avatar Mikeymoko
    looking forward to this one, hot on the heels of our weekend of carnage playing in London

    doors 9.30pm!
  6. avatar Rich9
    us too! we'll have shiny new cds to sell too!


  7. avatar The Black Tokens
    this is tomorrow night!!! We will have free CDs of our new EP for anyone who would like one, or two, or three!



    ESCAPE ACT 10:00-10:30
    THE BLACK TOKENS 10:45-11:15
    THE JANE BRADFORDS 11:30-12:00

    Doors 9:30pm £5 in

  8. avatar comprachio
    second johnny on the getting down early thing... escape act are a tidy live act.

    Genuinely really looking forward to this... seems like ages since we've played.
  9. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    Last time we played at home was indeed in the Limelight, with that Bradford lot 8)

    See ya's later
  10. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    bunch of hooligans them bradfords