1. avatar stevieo
    Mozart, especially the piano sonatas
  2. avatar Danny McCormack
    Excellent point. I don't however agree with the use of the word 'the' in the above post, and would have considering instead substituting it with 'da' to give it a more appropriate rap-induced theme, given the nature of the topic.
  3. avatar fastfude
    was this meant to be part of another topic?
  4. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Musical heroes no doubt. Mozart was good, very good infact.

    Edit: I just noticed there's a post for omagh bands. sorted!
  5. avatar feline1
    Mozart was no Beethoven
  6. avatar nonlogic liam
    Regrettably Mozart's piano sonata's are not his strongest works. Most of
    them were written for students as practise exercises or as a means to gain
    employment by dedicating them to noble patrons. Also they were mostly
    written for delicate girls to play in their homes. Of course the A minor
    and C minor are weighter works than say the C major piano sonata or the D
    major one. If I were you I'd discover the piano trios or the sonatas for
    violin and piano, genius!
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  7. avatar tinpot anto
    I like his operas the best.

    I have a chubby for the Magic Flute.

    He went downhill after he left Sony though, seemed like he lost his direction or something with those big flabby triple albums.
  8. avatar feline1
    Well I think Tchaikovsky had much better tunes.
    Plus he didn't have tertiary syphilis either.
    Plus he had a better Ken Russell film about him.

    Rock Rock me, Py'tor Illich!
  9. avatar nonlogic liam
    Yes but David, good old Chaikovsky (it is properly spelt with a C) had
    problems with overall structure and the full realisation of his musical ideas
    (something Mozart usually didn't, and yes I do realise that they were
    worlds apart both geographically and in time) - the symphonies are great
    (especially number 6) which seem to be an exception - as the first piano
    concerto adheres to (the thematic steam soon runs out). Mozart was
    Chaikovsky's hero, but like Chopin good old Peter worked best on small
    canvases like the ballets (which are divided into smaller units or his

    [quote:9aaf0df67c]Plus he didn't have tertiary syphilis either. [/quote:9aaf0df67c]

    Er, David, Mozart didn't have syphillis he died of Kidney failure (unrealated to syhillis).
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  10. avatar Daithi jasper
    Yeah I prefer Chopin for the piano myself, his etudes are marvelous, again being lessons for students. Broke @ss musicians.
  11. avatar feline1
    I was trying to learn Tchaikovsky's Op.72 No.2 for solo piano, a wee lullaby (or "Berceuse", if ewe will) he wrote the year he died... it's almost Satie-like

    I have managed to learn 2 bars so far :) Only only 4 pages to go.... :-D
  12. avatar tinpot anto
    Salieri poisoned him the dirty wee no talent gate licker.
  13. avatar nonlogic liam
    I think you may have seen Amadeus once too often. It was kidney failure (renal failure if you will) brought on by something he picked up in the free masons lodge.
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  14. avatar feline1
    Yes but Falco was no 'M'...
  15. avatar Beau Sooth
    As much as I love Chopin's works I think I'd be right in saying that critics do not rate his works as highly as those of the great exponents of the sonata structure. Haydn developed it with his symphonies and Mozart pretty much perfected it. Especially the last movement of the Jupiter...always with the goose bumps! Also great piano concertos; love No20 in D Minor.
  16. avatar icedcoffee
    Mozart was great though Tchaikovsky and Chopin are better.
  17. avatar Beau Sooth