1. avatar foolrock
    I just bought a Gibson sg standard(ebony+silver hardware) for £280 mint condition NICE
  2. avatar kungfumovies
    luvky for some

  3. avatar Niall Harden
    lucky for some indeed...

    i don't even have an amp anymore.

    Cash Converters are a useless shower of c**ts :-(
  4. avatar Spide90
    My first post!
    i sold me 'oul Tascam414 on Ebay for £122, think i did alright considering its a few years old.

    also when i sold me 'oul LP Studio on Ebay i made about £100 on what i originally paid for it.
    trust me lads, cant lose on ebay, people bid like crazy towards the end of things cos its always "just that little bit more", and before u know it theyve paid slightly or well over the odds for the item.

    Official Ebay Spokesperson for N.I
  5. avatar the bad hair days no1
    My first post!
    u can buy stuff brand new form shops cheaper than cash converters.

    no doubt the gibson well be used to play oasis covers Edited by: the bad hair days no1 at: 1/16/02 12:08:44 pm
  6. avatar foolrock
    bunch o cUnts none of that @#%$ round here matey, pure rock furey only