1. avatar Predator
    For me, it is the Rolling Stones. The Guys have been around for almost half a century!
  2. avatar drakeguild
    Null Entry.
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  3. avatar confetti
    Leonard Cohen
  4. avatar Per
    David Healy
  5. avatar chrisjedijane
    Kevin Shields
  6. avatar huggy baps
    pop-eye TOOT TOOT!!
  7. avatar Alan Unirem
    gary moore
  8. avatar Danny McCormack
    John Entwistle of The Who

    It was Ian Anderson, but I met him last night and he was kinda arrogant.
  9. avatar Seamy ALB
    At the moment Geddy Lee, I'm on a bit of a Rush high! :D
  10. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    Ichabod of Rikmandu
  11. avatar The Ronster
    Prince, or else Stevie Wonder.

    Maybe Tom Waits too.
  12. avatar theavenue
    Conor Oberst.
  13. avatar campfiredisco
    jonny greenwood
  14. avatar supershedseven
    Richard Ashcroft
    Liam Gallagher
    Ian Brown
    Rick Witter
  15. avatar nonlogic liam
    Mozart/brian May - sorry there.
  16. avatar ssmcmullan
    Ben Weasel
  17. avatar tinpot anto
    Hendrix/Prince/Tom Waits/Dylan/Rory Gallaher

    To pick one I say Bob dylan.
  18. avatar Lee1981
    The one and only "SLASH"
  19. avatar Pete
    Brian Wilson, John Mayall, George Martin or Roger Waters
  20. avatar Ratoot
    Squarepusher/Amon Tobin/ Aphex Twin/ Jonny Greenwood/ Thom Yorke.

    To pick one it would have to be:

    Thom Yorke
  21. avatar PaulMAK
    Stevie Wonder everytime.
  22. avatar remedy malahide
    Paul Simon
  23. avatar zebulon
    D Boon.
  24. avatar tinpot anto
    Pete, did you watch the BBC4 doc about John Mayall's Bluesbreakers the other night, class stuff? Loads of old and new footage of Clapton, Peter Green, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Mick Jones talking and playing.

    I texted Daithi about it and he was watching John Mayer on Live at Abbey Road on More4 for half an hour before he twigged!

    BBC4 music docs are absolutely top notch - Hibernia Folk was one of the best music Docs I've seen period.
  25. avatar kingmob
    Whoever composed 'We're not Brazil we're Northern Ireland'.
  26. avatar feline1
    [quote:818f1bc838="drakeguild"]Gotta be Nick Drake/Tom Jenkinson for me.[/quote:818f1bc838]

    What, you want to be a social cripple who was permanently stoned, who gigs consisted of him trying to get his guitar in tune for 45 minutes whilst people chatted louded at the bar, and who then topped himself?
  27. avatar tinpot anto
    Think you're looking for this guy then :)

  28. avatar ShowYourBones
    One of Johnny Cash/Thom Yorke/John Lennon/Joe Strummer/Jonny Greenwood/DJ Shadow/Robert Del Naja.

    Probably Thom Yorke.
  29. avatar kingmob
    Nah, it was more likely [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VICdb71L4Q]this guy[/url].
  30. avatar Slycat

    "Play every note as if it was your last note"
  31. avatar Pete
    [quote:0733771643="tinpot anto"]Pete, did you watch the BBC4 doc about John Mayall's Bluesbreakers the other night, class stuff?[/quote:0733771643]

    Yeah, I have it on DVD, recorded from when it was first broadcast at the time of that 70th birthday gig. The thing that always amazed me about that man, more than his own great talents as a blues musician, is the way he spots and nutures talent in others, brings the best out of people and knows when to let them move on. The list of musicians that have been through the Bluesbreakers is scary.

    The Rock Family Trees program that was on before it was great too, highlighting how incestuous that whole british R&B scene was in the 60s. Lots of interview footage with Ginger Baker, which was great.

    BBC4 is class, there was a great George Clinton bio on not too long ago as well.
  32. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Rattz from Rikmandu.
  33. avatar tinpot anto
    I was really surprised to see how good Mick Jones is at the old Blues geetar! I'd always rated him as competent, but he's a real inventive talent, have to look out some stuff from him. John himself never really did a lot for me, I find him a bit whiney and generic "white-blues" but you can't take away from the talent he has helped along the road!

    Those Friday night docs on BBC4 really make a Friday Tele night something special.
  34. avatar Speed Demon
    Shaz Tinpot.
  35. avatar tinpot anto
    Is that tempered by your respect for her courage and determination in putting up with the rest of us chancers! :lol:
  36. avatar splitscreen
    jimi hendrix, matt skiba!
  37. avatar unplugged
    Paul Rodgers, Freddie Mercury, Richie Sambora
  38. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Jonny Greenwood, Aphex Twin, Gorecki
  39. avatar RUDEBOY
    Dylan, Bowie, Jimmy Page, Neil Young, Kurt Cobain.
  40. avatar clairegodublin
    [quote:c531fa4d85="feline1"][quote:c531fa4d85="drakeguild"]Gotta be Nick Drake/Tom Jenkinson for me.[/quote:c531fa4d85]

    What, you want to be a social cripple who was permanently stoned, who gigs consisted of him trying to get his guitar in tune for 45 minutes whilst people chatted louded at the bar, and who then topped himself?[/quote:c531fa4d85]

    I think he probably chose Nick Drake because of his guitar work and lyrics. I take it you where at Nicks gigs and knew him well? You sound like you do.
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  41. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    scatman john - remember, everyone stutters one way or the other.
  42. avatar mark lanegan
    mark arm/joe strummer/graham coxon/billy corgan

    any one of those
  43. avatar Speed Demon
    [quote:d1eb26f852="Speed Demon"]Shaz Tinpot.[/quote:d1eb26f852][quote:d1eb26f852="tinpot anto"]Is that tempered by your respect for her courage and determination in putting up with the rest of us chancers! :lol:[/quote:d1eb26f852]Listening to Sharon genuinely made me realise how much better I could be, if I worked harder. Now I'm better than I was, but still trying.

    Pity she's not in a decent band though.
  44. avatar rocky raccoon
    noel gallagher...
  45. avatar smittennn
  46. avatar Manny Calavera
    The one and only Mr Frank Zappa (RIP) takes the 1st place trophy there, with Les Claypool a close 2nd.
  47. avatar mooncat
    dimebag, nuno bettencourt, john frusciante, stevie ray vaughan
  48. avatar thefatson
    Wesley Willis

    Rock over London, Rock On Chicago, Wheaties Breakfast of Champions!
  49. avatar drakeguild
    Null Entry.
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  50. avatar Orzo
    Robert Pollard.

    Prolific singer/song-writer [although it has to be said that a lot of non-Guided By Voices output was total drivel]
  51. avatar Le Sac Magique
    nick mc cabe, fairport convention and led zeppelin (both before 1970), and obviously the beatles.

    edit: and how could i forget neil hannon.
  52. avatar *saz*
    damon albarn, fat mike, paul heaton, ben weasel.

  53. avatar greensleevesisgod
    JS Bach, Keith Emerson and the Beatles
  54. avatar zebulon
    David St.Hubbins.
  55. avatar Danny McCormack
    I've always been partial to Artie Fufkin myself
  56. avatar Achey
    The number one is definitely [url=http://www.painofsalvation.com]Daniel Gildenlow[/url]

    Others include Kate Bush, Chris Squire, David Bowie, Thom Yorke, yadayadayada yaaaaaa
  57. avatar siborg69
    chris cornell
  58. avatar rentaghost
    Carole King
    She is a total trailblazer for women in music
  59. avatar tingtatingtingtingtating
    It's gotta be Chico.

    God! It's brilliant. SHEER BRILLIANCE the way he does it.. "iiittttsss chico tiiiime!!!"

    God. I love it. I really really do. Pure genius. WHAT TIME IS IT? ITS CHICO TIME!!! YES!!

    God, I love you Chico.

    Nah - it's probably Keith Emerson come to think about it.
  60. avatar the dirty weed
    Bum Jarvey
  61. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    Johnny Borrell
  62. avatar RAAP Management
  63. avatar Deevolution
    Dave Mustaine, Dimebag Darrell, Layne Staley.
  64. avatar Osama Bin Rockin'
    Henry Bogdan, SRV
  65. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    Noel Gallagher

    Shane McGowan
  66. avatar Meerium
    joni mitchell. currently, i am loving most 'the hissing of summer lawns', but caught a few tracks from 'blue' on the album show on radio ulster last night and will have to return to incessantly blasting that for a while. i was building up a fab vinyl collection of her stuff from hector's house and it closed before i'd entirely cleared their selection of stuff :(
  67. avatar tinpot anto
    Joni Mitchell always makes me cry.
  68. avatar kingmob
    Hugo Duncan.

    MC Karl Rove.

    The guy who wrote the Monorail song from the Simpsons.
  69. avatar whipchorus
    Alexei Lalas, Pat Nevin, Pat Cash, John McEnroe, Hoddle & Waddle.
  70. avatar ryanego
    Mike Einziger, Tom Morello, Jeff Buckley, Omar Rodriguez Lopez.

    I'm quite sure Ive forgotten some :)
  71. avatar Shane
    "Joni Mitchell always makes me cry."

    Both Sides Now has to be one of the saddest songs ever.

    One of my musical heroes is the drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, but saying that, he only really hangs around musicians doesn't he. :P
  72. avatar RobMonty
    Bon Scott
  73. avatar Shanghai 5
    Stephen Malkmus
  74. avatar Orzo
    [quote:b41ce7419d="Shanghai 5"]Stephen Malkmus[/quote:b41ce7419d]

    Is Pavement reforming or what?

    Heard a few rumours lately but not sure.

    That would be awesome.
  75. avatar kickintheteeth
    phil collins / brian may :P
  76. avatar i_amannie_b
    This is such a cliche, but for me it's gotta be the beatles.
    Because if it wasn't for my parents always listening to them all the time when i was a kid i might be into like... dance music or something.
  77. avatar alex
    Mine appears to change on a day-to-day basis. Up there would be:
    Simon Neil
    Joni mitchell

    Bit of a mix.
  78. avatar Micksimus
    Jello Biafra, Kim Deal, to name two
  79. avatar thepalemonarch
    That dude who always looks back at me when i look in the mirror
  80. avatar Scarboy
    jeff buckley.
  81. avatar 3cigarettes

    He would be sick with the degree of acceptance we all have for ripoff merchants and pastiche acts in this town nowadays. He's not the only one.
  82. avatar Shane
  83. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
  84. avatar Telefan1
    blixa bargeld

    at the minute anyway..
  85. avatar robbiehill
    Dimebag Darrell
    Zakk Wylde
  86. avatar BOOZEHOUND
    P.Paul Fenech.
  87. avatar Shane
    Matt Goss.

    Wait, was that a think or a speak?
  88. avatar TheJebs
    John Entwistle - the man pioneered so much and even tho it was a shame, if I had to choose a way to die, that would get my vote!!!

    Oh and Fast from the Fun Lovin Crims love the way he plays live
  89. avatar esotericeric93
    Frank Zappa (RIP),Neil Peart,Terry Bozzio, Virgil Donati,Roger Taylor,Brian May,Tiny Tim (RIP),Ivor Cutler (RIP),Billy Sheehan,Mike Oldfield, Bill Bruford, Robert Frip, Brian Irvine & finally myself. I mentioned all of the important ones that most of you forgot to, go me :P
  90. avatar esotericeric93
    Why has nobody mentioned Marty Friedman, Chuck Schulinder (RIP), John Zorn & Burt Bacharach? Is it because they're all jewish? On that note Iam glad to see nobody has mentioned Buddy Rich, one of the worlds most over rated and mudane drummers of all time, Gene Krupa and Max Roach whiz all over him, the only thing I can say in favour of Buddy Rich is that without him, there'd probabily be no Neil Peart.

    Yet more unsung heros: Pip Pile (RIP), Scott Walker,Gilson Lavis (I've had the privellage of seeing him live :-) ), Living Colour, [b:a7c51609ff]SIR[/b:a7c51609ff]George Martin,Bella Fleck & Tony Levin (again both jewish), Dave Matthews,Warren Zevon (another talented jew),Yanni, his drummer Charlie Adams, Bumblefoot, Buckethead, Alex Harvey (RIP)
  91. avatar Warren Drugs
    Julian Cope and/or The Provos.
    And any of the world's talented Jews.
  92. avatar unplugged
    Richie Sambora, all of Led Zeppelin, Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Paul Rodgers.
  93. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    Dave Lombardo,Mike Patton.
    Any variety of crazy relly.
  94. avatar Strong Reaction
    Mike Watt, Django Reinhardt, Robert Johnson. Anyone who overcomes adversity and continues to do their own thing.