1. avatar huzzah
    My first post!
    Hello people of Fastfude,

    I was hoping that you could spare me a few minutes of your time to provide me with your opinions on a project for University.

    I am carrying out a Guitar orientated Music Workshop in the Community in the next month or two and I was wondering what you might like to see, hear, and learn if you were to attend.

    Would you like it to be technique based?
    Would you like it to be theory based?
    Or more emphasis on Creativity and/or the application of Music Technology with the Guitar?
    Would you like to perform with a group of musicians? Jams/Improv etc..

    Thanks for your help!

    Huzzah :)
  2. avatar ratherfunkychemicaljunky
    Jams. Lots and lots of jams. I love jams.

    Seriously though I reckon one of the most important aspects of the guitar is working in a group. A lot of guitarists who are excellent players often don't seem to be able to do it effectively.
  3. avatar theavenue
    I hate theory in music, it takes the fun out of it for me. That's why I never took a music course in college because I just didn't want to learn about time signatures and whatnot.

    I have played guitar, piano, cello amongst other instruments, never look at tabs and never once have I looked at sheet music, I can't read it at all.

    Like above...jams, jams and more jams.
  4. avatar dodgi stereo
    I have ran a few workshops on music (djing to electronic music production). A few things you might want to take into consideration.

    Who is the workshop aimed at? - it's important to have a good idea of your target group.

    Beginners? Classical academics? Rockers? Experimentalists?

    Are you intending to 'teach' or facilitate discovery by informing people how to use the instrument by thinking of new ways to use their instrument?

    Workshops I'd like to attend:

    Demonstrating the possibilities and limitations of the instrument.

    Using the instrument in a modern ensemble.

    Maybe community playing games - polyrythmic pentatonic playing with a conductor, parking the dot (don't double park), exploring the notion of 'flocking'.
  5. avatar yin pot shayyinyeeyi
    creativity and jammin'

    then - technique and theory, I think they're all important but in that order.
  6. avatar huzzah
    That's great, thanks. Please keep the ideas and feedback coming!
  7. avatar thecomeons_2
    i loved it when the theory about modes started to click. y'know, how they can be used as fancy names for different positions to play the same scale up the neck.

    then when i saw the shapes of the different chords inversions appearing in the different positions, i just got a guitar-playing hard-on and couldn't set the instrument down.

    then when i tried to apply the modes/positions to the likes of the enharmonic scale i just gave up. i guess jazzy stuff just didn't sit with the pop punk grunge that i was playing at the time.
  8. avatar ginpromo
    How to use effects especially delay would be quite good, getting best from your amp using it's overdrive, what the tone knob on your guitar is for, also that 1 to 9 on your guitar volume knob can be used, these seem to be quite overlooked these days.
  9. avatar tinpot anto
    That's a good idea you know, a workshop even on the basics of how different amp types sound, the difference between overdrive, distortion etc, the difference in sound between single and double coil pickups etc etc.

    This would be invaluable grounding for many musicians at the early stages
  10. avatar ratherfunkychemicaljunky
    Yea different effects and things along those lines sound really cool too.

    Maybe you should have two workshops. One focusing on the technical and theory aspects and one focusing on the actual sounds of the guitar (eg. in a group, effects, amps as mentioned above). Keeps everybody happy
  11. avatar gl2200
    How about a masterclass on how to position your amp so that you can actually hear what it sounds like on axis when playing live? (hint: point it at your ears, not the back of your knees).
  12. avatar Beau Sooth
    [quote:83d1fbe104="gl2200"]How about a masterclass on how to position your amp so that you can actually hear what it sounds like on axis when playing live? (hint: point it at your ears, not the back of your knees).[/quote:83d1fbe104]


    Hands up! I'm at fault here! :lol: