1. avatar flaresnflowers
    We are looking for a keys player. Sex doesn't matter, age doesn't either as long as you are say 18+ and can play. Ages in the band range from early 20's to late 30's, so everybody welcome.

    Influences are Neil Young, Dylan, Springsteen, basically 60's and 70's, rock n roll, country, blues, rock. We have loads of songs and a bit of an eclectic mix, but with a similar vibe we think. Anyhow check us out and if you are interested either pm me here, or message us on myspace.
    We don't really mind if you are in a band already and can spare the time to play with us as and when. We practice on tuesday evenings 6 to 9pm at Sound2Media studios on Kennedy Way.


    there are a couple of our other songs at

    www.myspace.com/declandmusic only some of them are me by myself so are a bit more acoustic vibe.
  2. avatar flaresnflowers
    still looking...
  3. avatar encore
    hey checked the space, sounds great for a minidisc recording!
  4. avatar flaresnflowers
    Cheers mate, thanks a lot. Still looking for a keys player? Anyone wanna give it a try, you don't necessarily have to commit to anything, just have a go?
  5. avatar PaulMAK
    well what are you looking for? what kinda sounds?

    Paul MAKs

  6. avatar flaresnflowers
    some cool organs probably, maybe a bit of rhodes. Like the faces or the doors or something.
  7. avatar flaresnflowers
    Anybody interested?