1. avatar the dirty weed

    Ordinary Days presents:

    [size=18:747236a0b1]CRYSTAL CASTLES[/size:747236a0b1] (Canada / Merok Records, Kitsune Records)
    [size=18:747236a0b1]CLONE QUARTET[/size:747236a0b1]
    [b:747236a0b1]Jonathan Carberry[/b:747236a0b1]

    Tues 15th May
    The Pavilion
    Doors 9pm
    £7 (tickets available from Laverys and the Pavilion)

    [size=18:747236a0b1]Crystal Castles[/size:747236a0b1]



    [url=http://www.ryanshivar.com/mp3/05%20Alice%20Practice.mp3]CC - Alice Practice[/url]
    [url=http://www.ryanshivar.com/mp3/04%20Love%20&%20Caring.mp3]CC - Love and Caring[/url]

    “neuromantic trash genius, heavy metal casio duracell-powered ballads and beats that drop like napalm tetris pieces”

    “We play rough” whisper Crystal Castles with intent, a boy-girl duo from Toronto, Canada who have the electronic underground in the palm of their hands with their debut release for Merok Records, the ‘Alice Practice’ EP.

    Named after none other than She-Ra’s home, there are a few more facts that you should know about Ethin and Alice; They hate videogames. Listen to their 8-bit sounds and here is the evidence of people gleefully winning their war with machines. Dollar-store keyboards are bought, the soundchips ripped out, and replaced with ones from 80s Atari computers. Simple, dangerous to your health, and it works.

    Born in 2004 from the street they both inhabit in Toronto, Crystal Castles are the product of Ethin’s music and Alice’s lyrics

    [size=18:747236a0b1]CLONE QUARTET[/size:747236a0b1]



    Founded by Andy Henry, Clone Quartet’s previous genre-hopping incarnations incorporated shoe gazing, lo-fi, digital metal (don’t ask), and a cross-channel electronica collaboration with his brother Steven. By January 2006, CQ had become an actual quartet (bonus!). Steven Quinn (drums), Gavin Reid (guitar), Steven Henry (bass + bass synth) and Andy Henry (vocals, sampler + guitar) are obsessed with producing both electronic and rock music.

    Equally at home on the live circuit as in the studio, Clone Quartet embrace their rock line-up as an electronic machine that audiences can relate and respond to. Colliding electro rhythms with synthetic stabs and spiky guitar riffs, Clone Quartet aspire to create kick-ass pop songs that tear up the indie clubs as well as the dance clubs.
    They will release their debut EP on Tigertrap in the spring.

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  2. avatar Joeplaysthedrums

    these guys are awesome
  3. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    Yeeeow! Love this band
  4. avatar eucrid eucrow
    Aw! Pure cless!
  5. avatar Staralfur
    whoooop! amazin band. we saw them in london last year I was buzzing for days. best dance music ever :)
  6. avatar jenniemcc
    kudos - that'll be an awesome gig.
  7. avatar Baelmammon
    How much? Is it tickets only or is that the,[quote:9e72c646af]More info soon[/quote:9e72c646af]

    Ha bet other gig promoters are crying reading this. Nice one....
  8. avatar the dirty weed
    yeah, boss. we'll have the details at the start of next week, i reckon
  9. avatar Jamesy Yakuza

    never heard of these and everyone else knows and they're awesome...!?

    I'm losing my edge...
  10. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    Jesus get back on the ball Jamesy. To think you once were cool....... :-D
  11. avatar the dirty weed
    £7. No pre-sale tickets so get there early and you'll be grand.
  12. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    [quote:4d7bb311e7="Ciaran Mackle"]Jesus get back on the ball Jamesy. To think you once were cool....... :-D[/quote:4d7bb311e7]

    maybe I'm still cool and you're all a bunch of lying scenester posers, yes that must be it... :-)
  13. avatar the dirty weed
    Your 'jockeys for the evening include:

    Jonny Carberry, who's guested at Cherrybomb and Skibunny on numerous occasions.
    Gib Cassidy, who recently rocked !!!'s aftershow party down South.
    Peter Symes, of the legendary Skinny Wolves club in Dublin.
  14. avatar rinky
  15. avatar the dirty weed
  16. avatar the dirty weed
    We've had to reschedule this gig. Check the new date and venue.
    There will be tickets on sale next week. More info soon.
  17. avatar Staralfur
  18. avatar the dirty weed
    tickets on sale now in Lavery's and the Pavilion

  19. avatar the dirty weed
  20. avatar smittennn
    have a brilliant time tonight everyone
    saving myself for Bop Yestram WAN!!!

    get awesome...(i cannot find THAT photie of B at lightning bolt demonstrating get awesome, a little help) :smt026
  21. avatar rinky
  22. avatar gl2200
    Cancelled apparently. Someone will be along with more details shortly...
  23. avatar the dirty weed
    yes, their singer was arrested and they've subsequently missed their flights.
    refunds from point of purchase.
  24. avatar smittennn
    jesus wept
    i am sorry for all CRYSTAL CASTLES listeners.

    see you at WAN.
  25. avatar thegingeritalian
    Best get yourselves down to Auntie Annies tonight for these yokles then

  26. avatar the dirty weed
    yeah, i also heard david bell will be doing a cover of Alice Practice on banjo. check it out!