1. avatar the dirty weed
  2. avatar MtCaramel
    FUCK! Devo are pretty fat now, but its fucking dee ee vee oh.
  3. avatar the dirty weed
    it's gonna be at some over-priced poxy festival full of muck savages tho, innit? :(
  4. avatar MtCaramel
    We can dream though. We can dream. If they play the Picnic, I'd go, but if not, oh well.
  5. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    aw come on now. its Devo ffs!!
  6. avatar the dirty weed
    [quote:5edb43454a="Joeplaysthedrums"]aw come on now. its Devo ffs!![/quote:5edb43454a]

    heh. i just can't be doing with festivals these days, boss.
  7. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    well, i'm kinda with you there

    maybe MCD will get them or something. devo in the ambassador would be pure lethal
  8. avatar the dirty weed
    the latest rumour is june 21st in vicar street...
  9. avatar eucrid eucrow
    [quote:7540083e8d="the dirty weed"]the latest rumour is june 21st in vicar street...[/quote:7540083e8d]

    Confirmed! :D
  10. avatar spirit of division
    Yup....100% confirmed now...there was a little possibility of Belfast, but as of a few days ago there isnt any longer :/ aww well...road trip?

    Joe - check the gaju myspace...I think you're the only one who does!

  11. avatar rinky
    I'm on for a roadtrip, best get tickets soon.
  12. avatar eucrid eucrow
    [quote:964a5ac3f8="spirit of division"] aww well...road trip?[/quote:964a5ac3f8]

    I'm up for that!