1. avatar TimS
    9pm at the Pavilion, Ormeau Road. Nice.

    Check out the bands' wares below.



    [b:0c740b83ca]J Breaks[/b:0c740b83ca]
  2. avatar TimS
  3. avatar RoobieMacoolie
    nice line up!
  4. avatar Micksimus
    Sunday night, can't wait.
  5. avatar Beau Sooth
    Both Sines and Jupiter Breaks have good stuff up there on their myspace so check them out! I'm looking forward to Sunday night as well!

    We'll be back after about a three-week break with some new tunes after Sunday's gig.

    Approx stage times:

    Sines 9.15pm-10.00pm
    Juniper Breaks 10.15pm-11.00pm
    Boathouse 11.15pm-12.00pm

    You know Sundays can be boring so make it better and come down!
  6. avatar Amz
    (blatant bump)
    But really looking forward to this.
  7. avatar Beau Sooth
    Ok people this is tonight! There's not much on tonight either so come on down, I promise you a good nights music! :D
  8. avatar The Black Tokens
    we highly recommend Boathouse! get on down tonight
  9. avatar kolh
    Yes! Why not round off the sunniest day of the year with a nice pint and some good music at the Pavilion tonight?
  10. avatar rentaghost
    I was at this last night.

    If you like Belle and Sebastian or Ooberman you should like Sines. I thought they did quite well, barring what seemed to be some guitar tuning problems on one of the songs and a completely unnecessary line up change on another song, which seemed to stem from the lead singers reluctance to play a tambourine?

    Otherwise, they were much better than Juniper Breaks who. although they worked very hard, seem to have a certain something missing. One song in particular seemed very familiar in a Kaiser Chiefs kind of way.

    Boathouse were more impressive, with tight harmonies and good instrumentation. The first song in particular was heavily influenced by Arcade Fire, and the (really) high male vocals didnt particularly suit the range of the lead singer who was MILES better when he was singing within his range. Otherwise, quite nice sunny pop and ideal for a Sunday evening. I would like to hear them again, complete with trumpet player.
  11. avatar keyboard monkey
    My first post!
    can i just point out that the reason for the lineup change is that i can't play that song on the keyboard. i'm kinda new to this. i'm assured the singer has no strong feelings about tambourines. :-)
  12. avatar rentaghost
    we [i:90991a5cfe]were[/i:90991a5cfe] wondering.

    your two voices complement each other very well though.
  13. avatar BARAZI
    The Juniper Breaks hasn't gigged for well over a year. Took them a songs to get the feel again and many a foot was tapping and head bouncing towards the end of their set. They only recently got a new bass player. This was their first night out again with the new member, who has only been with them a 3 weeks, and it was his 1st night playing bass live.

    A great bunch of guys and a lively set.

    Definitely looking forward to seeing them when their back a full speed.
  14. avatar keyboard monkey
    i thought boathouse were very good. amy mcgarrigle is great. i saw her at the black box and she was very good. more solo gigs please amy!
  15. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Juniper breaks made me want to cry last night.

    they all look like math teachers and the singer can only sing in one tone.

  16. avatar RoobieMacoolie
    Funny enough we are all maths teachers