1. avatar ricflair2002
    My first post!
    Alrite, don't laugh, but I'm thinking of starting up the saxophone. Could anyone inform me on pricing ranges and any tutors about the area? Also if anyone can play it, is it quite a diificult instrument to learn? (I can play the guitar,piano and harmonica)
  2. avatar ricflair2002
    Aww YEAH! Just remembered the Indiana Jones trilogy is on this week!!
    (Nothing to do with music, i know, but who cares? It INDIANA JONES for Christ's sake!!)
  3. avatar antojasper
    I once new a guy who had achieved grade 8 standard on the saxophone and he sounded awful.
    (mybe he put in for his Grade 8 Avant Garde, I don't know)

    Hard to play...?

  4. avatar vicksters
    My first post!
    I play, it's easy enough once you get the hang of it. Price will depend on what type of sax you want (alto/tenor etc) and I'm guessing a good beginners sax would cost about £300+ This is a very vague estimate...

    EDIT: My tenor sax was £450. It is quite nice.

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  5. avatar niallgraham
    Tenor sax is really handy to pick up (it plays like a big recorder). Getting the intonation with the mouthpiece down should only take you a few weeks of solid practice, but its hard to say. Go for it!