1. avatar Chi-Lite
    Right, I know there's plenty of studios advertised, but to save me trawling though them all and ringing round everybody;

    I'm looking to get a practice place, hopefully on a regular basis, that would take a fairly big band.
    1 guitar
    1 bass
    1 keys
    1 drums
    1 sax
    2 main vocals
    2+ backing vocals.

    So basically, I'm looking a place with the facilities to take four vocal mics, one mic for sax, plus keys and your normal guitars and drums-

    Plus possibly an extra mic for trumpet.

    If anybody thinks they could handle us, please get back to me. We're looking a first practice during the week beginning 16th April.

    Pm or email or ring Marty 0n 07856707604

  2. avatar musicrehearsalspace
    call king st arts centre 07973531655..........we will get you sorted