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    [size=18:6eede8b130][b:6eede8b130]UITA #39 Tuesday 3 April @ Auntie Annie’s, Belfast[/b:6eede8b130][/size:6eede8b130]

    [b:6eede8b130]Up In The Attic[/b:6eede8b130] once again takes to the Auntie Annie’s stage, showcasing the best in local talent. This week we welcome Derry-based [b:6eede8b130]Skruff[/b:6eede8b130], supported by Belfast's own [b:6eede8b130]Velma[/b:6eede8b130] and new-comers [b:6eede8b130]The Do Rightlys[/b:6eede8b130].


    Skruff have been constantly playing the live circuit for many years, and recently released their latest 6 track EP “Hot Robot”. So far this year Skruff have been very successful with the release of Hot Robot gaining them wider acclaim and radio play throughout Ireland. Having supported Shaun Ryder of The Happy Mondays and Lil Chris, Skruff continue to impress music lovers further a field. The bands sound is best described as a fusion of post-punk/elastica and dancy rock. Tracks such as “Fabulous Weapon,” “Hot Robot” and “Subliminilia” are strong representatives of this unique sound. Check out their explosive, energetic live show for a different and refreshing experience. You will not be disappointed! Be prepared to be grabbed and shaken (and don't forget to wear flat shoes)!


    Belfast based band Velma convey influences ranging from energetic alternative rock to edgy New York post-punk. The band's full-on, rock n roll attitude and hi-octane vocal delivery have drawn comparisons with PJ Harvey and other performers of that ilk with their no-nonsense 'in-yer-face' guitar sound, quirky melodies which lodge themselves firmly in your brain, dynamic rock-solid rhythms, and delightfully skewed lyrics. All this sets Velma apart from their contemporaries and gives them that elusive stamp of individuality. These ingredients mixed with an explosive energy make for a raw and passionate stage performance that always leaves the audience wanting more.


    The Do Rightlys combine a solid funk style with a manic punk-rock sense of humour to create exciting music that consistently takes no prisoners and allows no compromise. Combining the distinctive, throaty vocals and considerable bass talents of Al Carver, the soulful old school guitar playing from the virtuosic Graham Carley and the idiosyncratic drumming of ‘Bongo’ John Macormac, this quirky power trio have dabbled in as many forms of music as possible, always adding their own inimitable "Do Rightlys" signature to every undertaking.

    Doors open 9pm, admission £3


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    If you haven't already get onto Skruff's myspace and check out their new EP - I can't stop listening to it!

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    tomorow night from 9pm
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    What ive heard of Skruff is really really good. Might make a wee trip into town the mara.
  6. avatar jenniemcc
    Yes, by all means!

    First band onstage about 10pm
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    I haven't been taking gig photos for a while, but here are some from last night:
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    My Fastfude passwork is working at last!!

    Thanks to everyone who came down last night - even Trixie Sidebottom was there ;) The atmosphere was great. Pretty decent crowd too for a Tuesday night. We really enjoyed playing.