1. avatar MtCaramel
    Hre, should I be a cheap bastard and get an Audiophile, or go for the awl Motu Ultralite? Any other suggestions?
  2. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    I have both an Edirol UA-25 and a UA-101. I find nothing beats them at that price for sound quality and functions. The UA-25 especially is exceptional quality for such a reasonable price.

    Use this with me laptop:

    and this with my desktop:
  3. avatar papaul
    For £125 you can have a protools Digi001.... it's awesome... it's protools for christ sake.
  4. avatar drakeguild
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  5. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    Was just chattin a mate who wants to throw his 002 against a wall.... And tbh I don't find pro-tools (home editions at least) to be all that great. Logic Pro is where it's at!
  6. avatar Pete
    [quote:9c19f063a5="papaul"]it's awesome... it's protools for christ sake.[/quote:9c19f063a5]

    Without getting into an argument about which software package is the best, because that is ultimately futile, there really is no great advantage or prestige from having the "lite" home version of Pro Tools.

    The reason Pro Tools has a name for itself is because of the HD systems (or the "mix" systems that proceeded them to be accurate) which have hardware accelerated DSP on board their cards which takes the load off the computer for all the mixing and processing tasks. It also has very low latency.

    But a decent spec'd entry level HD system is upwards of £5,000

    With the power that mulit-core computers are providing these days most of the advantages Pro Tools systems offered are slowly being leveled out and the choice comes down to preference of the feel of the software interface and the slight difference in features between them all.

    To come back to the point, I'm a fan of the Motu interfaces personally as I've been using them a long time now. I'm also a long time user of Cubase and I have no impulse to change to anything else.

    The important questions before any recommendation however are :

    1. Are you using a PC or Mac?
    2. What recording do you want to do with it exactly?

    If you are tracking live rock bands on a PC you'd need a different suggestion altogether than if you were creating dance music on a Mac.
  7. avatar MtCaramel
    Well, I have a PC and a Mac (soon at least). I want something thats just a good all rounder for amplifying my laptop when using Ableton or doing real time effects and recording guitar. (again with ableton.)
  8. avatar comprachio
    Edirol will work perfectly with Ableton - i use ableton, reason and logic pro with it.
  9. avatar MtCaramel
    Just got a Motu Ultralite - £375
  10. avatar Pete
    Good stuff, I've been a happy Motu user for years now. I don't think you'll regret that purchase.
  11. avatar feline1
    I am still waiting for M-Audio to do Vista drivers from my Firewire 1814 .... beginning to think I should've spent the extra couple of £100 and gone for the RME instead.....