1. avatar EndOn6
    Was on the Arnocorps forum and saw this, don't know how that gig will ever be beaten, they have to come back on the next tour;

    DVD Release
    A documentary of the fantastic blockbuster headline UK Tour of 2006 will be released on DVD by Anticulture Records Fall 2007. The DVD will feature footage from the front lines of each live performance in the UK, plus new
    in-depth behind-the-scenes interviews with the heroes of ArnoCorps, explaining how they became both the greatest band of all time and also the
    most modest! Alright!

    UK Tour - The Sequel
    That's right. The UK is in dire need of more live audio assault-induced pump, and ArnoCorps is coming back to deliver! For those of you who caught one or more of our audio assaults last year, congratulations. You're a
    ballsy goddamn hero! For those of you who missed us, you have another chance to live your dream, to reach the pinnacle of heroic action adventure rock
    achievements. Look for us Summer 2008! We'll begin working with promoters this summer, so let your favorite local venue know.

    New Album News
    Come on, don't bullshit me. Keep spinning our first CD "The Greatest Band Of All Time" for all your ballsy and heroic musical needs. We'll eventually release another album, but we aren't currently working on it. We can tell
    you what the title will probably be, though. "ArnoCorps II: Still The Greatest Band Of All Time"

    Also they posted a clip of the Belfast show and said this;


    I have to tell you, that was one of the ballsiest gigs of all time. It was so packed inside, when Toten Adler went out the back to get something from the van, he came back through the front door and the bouncer told him he couldn't come in, it's sold out. Come on! Toten had to convince him that he was in the band. First he said, look how I'm dressed, and my face paint, that's me on the goddamn poster! The bouncer said you're dressed just like most of the people in there! And he was right! Ha ha!

    I think the final head count was 320 people, and you know how small that place is. The people in front of the "stage" ended up piled on top of each other and would come up against us in waves. It remined me of the ocean, the way it would come in and then pull back out, but it was bodies! The floor monitors that started out in front of us ended up pushed all the way back to Gellend's drums! Wild night, let me tell you. Turned out the venue only had half of their staff that night because there was a huge rock festival the same day, so they figured the bunker would be dead. They didn't understand the great heroes of Belfast and their bond with ArnoCorps!!! I love Belfast!
  2. avatar MULLAN Extraordinaire
    FĂșcking class! I thought they split up. I'm still raging I missed them and I still can't believe that 300 turned up to the Bunker!!!